Anderson, Wayne O.

United States Marine Corps. 1960-1964
Tom Palmateer

Andis, Matt

From your loving wife
Rita Andis

Baer, Richard

Proud of my father... US Army Air Force Pilot B17G # 43-37987 Mean Widdle Kid 839th Bomb. Squad 487th Bomb. Group Station 137 Lavenham, Suffolk, England
your proud daughter

Ball, Erin

This donation is in remembrance of Erin’s Brother...
Art Kallie

Barbera, Ronald

Thanks for you service Uncle Ron! We will never forgot you and you will always be in our hearts! Love you! Brian, Tammy, Kara and Amy
Your Loving Family

Barnes, Chris & Melanie

Congratulations Melanie & Chris on your wedding! Such a generous thing you are doing to share your love with the community around you!
Ron & Wendy Abts

Barringer, James

Our condolences to the Barringer family and our gratitude for your service
SITE Staffing, Inc.

Barringer, James E.

James and I were on Bravo Flight of the April Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. I remember that we spoke several times about Our Army and Air Force experiences in Vietnam. I remember “Jimmy Bee” as a fun-loving guy, quick on the mutual “ribbing” we gave each other about our different services. He will definitely be remembered and I look forward to seeing him when we join the ranks of our brothers-in-arms. Godspeed James!
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

Bartosiak, Anthony

In April of last year Tony was on the 50th Honor Flight. It was an amazing experience him and his family. He had even commented that it was one of the most memorable experiences of his life. Prior to his passing, he had requested that any donations made in his memory be donated to Stars and Stripes. It was his hope that he could give that same opportunity to another deserving veteran so that they may experience the Honor Flight.
Your Loving Family and Friends

Bennett, Michael

USNavy 1944 in memory of Michael Fredrick Bennett
Larry and Ginny and family

Bernacchi, Donald

In memory of Don Bernacchi
Macik Family

Bina, Joseph

Our grandpa had a memorable time on his Stars and Stripe Honor Flight in 2011. He peacefully passed away a couple months ago and would have been honored to have his memory carry on in this way. We hope veterans can continue to be celebrated with this incredible opportunity. Rest peacefully, Grandpa. We miss you.
Kate and Em

Blamer, William

In honor and memory of Bill for his service to our country and to his community. We are grateful personally for all the years of service he and his family have provided us at Blamer Auto Shop.
John and Sarah Basil
Thank you for your service!
Debra Fabry
In memory of William Blamer. We thank him for his service and sacrifice for his country.
Hamlet & Smith Inc. (Connie Blamer’s employer)
I would like to express my sympathy for the loss of a wonderful person. I also will miss seeing him behind the counter.
Richard and Suzanne Hooper
In memory of Bill
Keiser family
In memory of a wonderful man and Korean War vet. RIP Bill
John and Marie Obradovich

Braatz, Harvey

In memory of Harvey
Peggy’s friend

Braun, Roger

Thank you for your service.
Greg and Ronnie Sunila

Breitzman, Robert

Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to our favorite Dad! 🙂 We are so grateful that we were able to meet up with you in DC last October and share in your Honor Flight Day. We pray for an end to this virus so that other veterans may have the same opportunity. We Love You! Kathy and Izzy
Kathy and Izzy

Brunke, McLain

IN MEMORY of our dear UNCLE MICKEY... McLain "Mickey" Brunke who passed on 11/02/19. Mickey served in the Korean War from 1953-1955 (Army).
With all our LOVE & BLESSINGS..Moraza, Ugarte, Family... ( nephews and nieces)

Bugalski, Leo

Thank you for your service Leo. May you rest in peace.
Janice and John Reese

Casey, David

In honor of your service to our country.
Friends of the family

Chalker, Elizabeth

In honor of Elizabeth Chalker on behalf of Racine Instinctive Bowmen. Elizabeth’s son, Larry Radcliff and his wife Cindy are members of our archery club.
Racine Instinctive Bowmen

Chilson, Fran

Dear Mr. Chilson, Thank you for your life long devotion to God, Family, Friends & Country!
Dan & Cindy Girmscheid

Chilson, Francis

In honor of my fathers 100th birthday he had asked friends and family to donate to the SSHF of Wisconsin instead of any gifts for himself. He is a WWII veteran and took the flight in September of 2015 and enjoyed it very much. He wants to be able to send as many veterans as he can with this donation.
His family that loves him very much

Collins, Raymond

Honoring the memory of a much loved man.
His loving family

Collins, William

A true American hero.
Judiann Porubcan and Ralph Vierling

Cyganiak, James

In honor of Jim, who gave so much of himself!
The West Family

Daniels, Jerome

Dear Rosalie, Jenny, Peggy, and Annette, Jer would have been extremely pleased with the entire funeral service and huge turnout. We will be thinking of you often and know that with time, it will get better.
Leo and Mary Lou
In Memory of his passing October 8th 2019, and a thank you for his service.
Jackie Alt

Dean, Robert

In memory of our father, Robert W. Dean, Sr., who served in World War II as a Seabee, 79th battalion, in the Pacific theater. He was on Okinawa building roads and airstrips to help facilitate that last awful battle. We still marvel at that generation who enlisted, leaving wives and babies to fight for our beloved country. Thank you, Dad.
Nancy Bassindale

Demge, Robert

Thank you for serving this country, you were a great man.
Robert Demge

Demler, Joe

You were a true hero. I am honored to have known you. We had so much fun on the Speakers Bureau. I will miss you. God Bless you and your family
Barbara Grossmeyer
In memory of Joe
Janet & Mark Hogan
Thank you for your service and your words "Every day is a Bonus" and "pray".
Jeff & Sharon Dillon
In memory of a great man who touched the lives of everyone he came in contact with. He was an honored Veteran and served our Country very well and sacrificed for this Country. We will remember and always know his words: Every Day is a Bonus".
A friend and fellow Veteran
A long time customer and friend...We will forever miss Joe Demler. He had a smile that would light up a room and was a heart-felt man who lived life to the fullest. He will not be forgotten.
5 Corners Dodge, Inc. & 5 Corners Truck & Auto
I met Joe during one of the Stars and Stripes Homecoming Flights at General Mitchell Airport, and several times thereafter. I remember him as a kind and generous soul, a "hero" in every respect. He inspired me, as an Ambassador to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, to share his spirit, dedication, and enthusiasm with others. He may have left us for his place among our brothers in Heaven, but he lives with us now and in every moment to come. Godspeed Joe. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again. Rest In Peace, I’ll help carry the torch for you always my friend.
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Retired)

Derler, Gilbert

Gilbert Derler died in West Bend, WI, on July 16, 2020. Gilbert was a proud veteran of the Korean War. He went on an Honor Flight in 2015 and said it was one of the best days of his life. God bless Gilbert and God bless America.
Sue Bronk & Daryl Damask
In honor of Gilbert Derler, a very special friend.
Frank and Joan Talaki
A tribute to one of the nicest men we’ve ever met. Gilbert always had a smile on his face and tried to put one on yours.
Mark & Bonnie Smith
In memoriam
Barry and Marilyn Siegel
I will never again have another Great Neighbor like you. You will be missed.
Your Great Neighbor - Evelyn Tosh
For a very good uncle who served his country proudly.
Marilyn Starck

Devcich, Joseph

In Memory of Joseph Devcich, USN WWII
The Vander Sanden Family

Dolder, Gary

In memory of a man that loved his country and was a great step-father to my dear friend, Peggy Anderson.
Tory Armitage

Druehl, Orville

Orville, thanks for your service to our country in the Korean War. Also thanks for your kindness and friendship to the Gorman family. You are a good man and will be truly missed. Love Randy, Debbie, Brandon, and Amanda Gorman
Gorman Family

Ebbers, Wayne

In memory of Wayne Ebbers
Your loving family

Ehlers, Larry

In memory
Sue & Jim Peterson, Chelsea & Tony Karls

Erato, Anthony

Rest in Peace.
Mark & Janet Tutkowski
Remembering Uncle Gil as a loving part of the Erato Family as well as thanking him for loving and his serving his country. God bless you. May you rest in peace.
All our love, Grace, Steve, Chris, Marian, Julie, Mike, Margaret, Joe & Annie

Esser, Steve

Thank you for your service Dad. We’re so happy you were able to take the honor flight April 2019. It was an honor to greet you and your service buddies on your return. We are so proud of you! We love you!!
Mary, Nate, Nolan & Dane

Fager, Philip

In honor of Philip Fager who was a proud Vietnam Veteran of theNavy Seabee Construction Battalion 5
In honor of Philip Wayne Fager a proud Vietnam Veteran of the Navy Seabees.
Victor and Patty Koenig
In Memory of Philip Fager a proud Vietnam Veteran of the Navy Seabees
Jerry and Jayne Ann

Fager, Philip Wayne

In memory of (Philip) Wayne Fager
For my big brother! He took his Honor Flight last fall. Just a few short months before he passed. He could not stop talking about what a great healing experience it was to fly with his fellow vets to see their memorials. The way they were treated, the honor they were shown, the stories that were told. His wish instead of spending money flowers that fade was to give memories to a Veteran by donating to this cause. Love you miss you Big Brother I will see you on Fiddlers Green!!!
Arthur Fager, Major US Army Retired

Favor, Conrad

A wonderful service you provide to Vets including my father who has taken an honor flight and cherishes the experience. Thank you.
Suzy Favor Hamilton

Foote, Gerald

In memory of Uncle Gerry; may he fly amongst us everyday! Thank you for your service -
Cecilia A. Johnson (Knoll)
This donation is in memory of our dad who had the privilege of going on the flight in 2013 thanks to all the efforts of your group. He also had the honor of doing a couple of book signings which he truly enjoyed. Thanks to all the men and women that served our country and now are getting the recognition that they deserve.
Family and Friends

Fritsch, Edward

In memory of Edward Fritsch
Don & Gale Paul

Fritsch, Edward A.

Edward was a WWII veteran, serving in battles in northern Italy in the 34th Infantry Division of the Army. Edward was wounded twice, and received a Purple Heart. He went on his Stars and Stripes Honor Flight on November 6, 2010, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He and his guardian for that day remained life-long friends. Edward passed away in Sheboygan on May 3, 2020, just 8 days after his 98th birthday. A portion of his Memorial money is being donated to enable other veterans to fly and enjoy their Honor Flight Day as much as he did.
The Family of Edward Fritsch

Gartside Jr., William

In memory of William James Gartside, Jr.
Linda & Dwight Reagan
In Memory of MSgt. William Gartside, Jr.
Brian and Erin Ptacek
This donation is in memory of MSgt William James Gartside Jr, USAF (ret) who passed away on November 19th 2019
Byron and Crystal Harmon
Thank you for your service in the United States Air Force during the Korean War. I salute you!
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Retired)

Gazzana, Peter

Thank you for your service. Happy Birthday
The Martinez Family

Gename, Forest

USArmy WW11 in memory of Forest (Bud) Gename

Graf, John

In memory of John Graf USAF Korean War Veteran
Tom Mitchell and Family
Please accept this donation in memory of John William Graf (my uncle). John passed away July 8, 2020. He was a much loved member of the family and will be missed greatly.
Roxane Peterson
In memory of John Graf. Our sympathies to Jenny, Kenny, Max, Brooke, Sam and the whole Graf family.
Rich and Tammy Mitchell

Graf, John W.

To a life well lived. Spreading the sacrifices & blessings of his life onto others.
Cindy and David Karasek

Graf, John William

In memory of John William Graf, USAF
Billy, Jason, Becky, Ben, Jon

Gramza Jr., Edward G.

In memory of Edward G. Gramza Jr.
Mike & Lynne Kwiatkowski


In honor of my big Brother who served in the Coast Guard during WWII.

Groholski, Larry

In memory of Larry Groholski
Mark Nugent
In Memory of Lawrence Groholski
Linda Raasch
Please our donation to Stars & Stripes Honor Flight in memory of Larry Lawrence, father of Cedarburg School District employee, Dawn Ziarek.
Cedarburg School District
Lawrence Groholski
Randy & Nancy Schopf
We would like to honor an amazing man.
Terri White Wendtlandt, Kristine Claffey and Jenny Geiger Putra
In honor of Larry who passed away this week.
Dean and Kathy Hottinger
In Loving memory of Lawrence, "Larry" Groholski
Tammy & Jay Schwartz
To a wonderful man who served his country with pride and honor in Vietnam! To a man who loved his family and friends with all his heart! We are so proud to have called you our friend! May you rest in peace! God Bless!
Jessie and Judy Valdez
Remembering a wonderful neighbor and great dad to childhood friends. Nothing brings Mr. Groholski to my mind like the sound of a Harley! My deepest sympathy to all of your family and know you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Anna (Minik) & Daniel Luthens
To honor our dear friend Lawrence (Larry) Groholski for all that he did for our Country and fighting in the Vietnam war. You will be forever in our hearts. Love you.
Tony & Jeri Wenzel
In memory of our dear friend Larry Groholski. We will miss your smile, your energy, and your companionship. Be free my brother.
Laurie and Rick Manna

Horn, Thomas “Tom”

My friend who’s courage helped me to become a successful individual in my career and his generosity and kindness helped me to be a better person.
Ted McNamara

Horn, Thomas C

In honor of his passing.
The Chicago Hunter Region
To honor his passing.
The Chicago Hunter Region

Horn, Tom

In Memory of Thomas
Victoria Barton
On behalf of the Geneva Sushi Boys: Jim Morrissey, Bryan Clairmont, Chris Mraz, Curt Miller and Jeff Schmidt. Friends of Mr. Horn’s son Patrick. Our warmest condolences.
Geneva Sushi Boys
We were so sorry to hear of Tom’s passing. We hope this small gift will help other veterans get to experience the honor of this trip.
GreatAmerica Financial Services
Kathy, Meeting you and Tom at the HIway LOafers Hi-Lo club campouts and luncheons was such fun. I’ll remember Tom’s smile-half shy and half mischievous. And his love for those puppies was wonderful to see. Hope to see you again. With much love, Pam and Nick Thome
Pam and Nick Thome
In loving Memory.
Renee & Herb Feitelberg

Jakubowski, George

Joann Wahl

Jakubowski, Sr., George

A very generous person who will be missed by many.
Lynne Jossart

Janssen, Jerome

In memory of Jerome J Janssen Served in US Army during Korean War Recently attended the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight Thank you for serving our country
Amy, Steve & Lili Ryan

Jurena, Kelly

Kelly is an incredible supporter of the veteran community and a veteran himself. At our golf outing each year, he runs a hole to raise money for the WI Honor Flight. Our charity, Chickens 4 Charity, is honored to pay tribute to him with this donation.
Chickens 4 Charity

Kasten, Michael

In loving memory of Mike Kasten, a veteran who flew on the Honor Flight in 2018. Thank you for your service.
Family Friend

Keber, Raymond

In honor of my uncle, Raymond Keber, who served honorably in the US Army Signal Corps during WWII. May he rest in peace
Tim & Kathleen McQuade
A memorial contribution in memory of Raymond Keber
Friends of the family
In appreciation for the life and service of Raymond Keber, who proudly served in the Army Signal Corps during WWII in the European Theater of Operations.
The staff and congregation of St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish

Keber, Raymond J.

In loving memory of my Uncle Ray. Thank you for your service.
Kate Auden and family

Kender, Theodore

In honor of my Father Ted A WW11 Veteran and a 2013 Honor Flight recipient
Tom and Linda Kender

Klemens, Paul

Donation made in memory of Paul F. Klemens with gratitude for his service to our country.
Elmer and Kay Lorenzen and Family

Knuth, Paul

To the adopted Uncle of my entire family. Uncle Paul, you have always been a member of our family. Our 6 children will always have fond memories of you. Holidays and special occasions were more special because you were always there! We’ll always have the great memory of you attending Brittany’s graduation from UW Madison at Camp Randall Stadium. Ashley will always cherish her memories Godfather and Uncle. May God keep him in his embrace and unite him with his wife, Lois.
Julie and Rich Buechs and our children, Brittany, Ashley, Tommy, Josh, Zach, and Jessie

Konkel, Chester A

in memory of a wonderful husband, father and grandfather
John and Janice Christianson

Konkel, Chet

Remembering my Uncle Chet Konkel who served in the South Pacific during WWII!
Cathy Blaszczyk and Family

Kortendick, Gerald

In loving memory of Mickey Kortendick with our deepest sympathy. Rest In Peace.
Gerald Olley and Darice Topolski

Kubicek, Alfred

In memory of Alfred J. Kubicek. God speed.
Multiple donors at Alfred’s funeral

Kuenstler, Tom

A great man who will forever be in our thoughts.
Jeff and Jan

Kurer, John

Thanks John for your service and all you did for our Country. May God now hold you in his arms and bring comfort to those who you have touched.
Karen Arenz

Lamping, Frank

A memorial donation in Frank’s name. Frank recently passed away after a long and curagious battle with prostate cancer. While not a veteran, Frank’s family felt this was an organization he would support.
Penny Goodyear

Lasman, Norman L.

In honor of Norman L. Lasman, who is so loved and fondly remembered, especially by those lucky enough to call him Papa Norm.
The Friends of Kara Foster

Lazarski, William

In remembrance of William "Bill" Lazarski, a US Navy veteran during Vietnam.
Ray and Donna Lumsden
Always honor our Veterans
To You Bill. Who gave his life so that others would remember thank you. Thank You for being You.
Thomas a Jansen

Lazzio, Charles

In honor of Charles Lazzio’s distinguished service in WWII in the Army Air Corp. He joined the Air Force Reserve after the war and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.
Mary Rice

Lepow, Dorothy

In memory of Mrs. Lepow whose daughter is a retired RN from the Milwaukee VA. Kathy loved the patients she cared for. Because of her life’s work we choose this charity to support.
A Longtime friend

Linden, Thomas

This donation is being made in honor of our Father, Thomas Linden who served in the Korean War. It is our Father’s Day gift to him. Dad went on the Honor Flight on May 14TH, 2016. he said it was one of the best days of his life, that he will always remember. We LOVE you, Dad!!
Your children

Lindenbach, Duane

We would like to thank The Stars and Stripes Honor Flight for taking Duane Lindenbach on his flight on June 11, 2016. He talked about it for a long time before and after the flight. The smiles and tears on his face when he returned and came through the airport we will never forget. It is an amazing time for a US Veteran to go on these flights!!! Thank you again for all your organization does.
Denice Gorecki, Dennis, Robert & David Lindenbach (Children of Duane)
In memory of Duane Lindenbach
Russ and Julie Potratz
In memory of our wonderful uncle who served in the Korean War. His positive attitude and kindness will always be remembered by us, his niece, Karen Landin (husband Mark) and his nephew, Scott McPhaul (wife Sue).
McPhaul family

Littell, William

This donation is in memory and honor of Willis Guy "Bill" Littell. Bill served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and was fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in an Honor Flight a couple years ago. I hope this donation will help in some way to allow other veterans to experience the trip and be honored for their service.
Amy Beck

Look, Robert

This is to honor the memory of Robert Look who loved our country and our President! Robert took great pride is being a WWII Veteran!
Karin LaFreniere

Look, Robert W

In recognition for Robert Look’s service in WWII. In sympathy, we salute him.
Walter, Gail & Michael LaFreniere

Lunde, Carson

In honor of a life well lived.
Gerry Olley and Darice Topolski

Mahnke, William

Thank you Bill for your years of service and sacrifice for our country. You will be remembered as a hero to your family and our country. Thank You From The Darwill Team - Jonathan Brust, Brandon Van Dyke, Troy Van Dyke, Mark DeBoer & Amy Carroll
The Darwill Team

McBride, Tim

Honor the life of Timothy McBride.
The Helminski Children

McDonald, John

In memory of John McDonald, husband of Laurel who passed away on November 3, 2019
Kevin and Georgia McCoy
He was a great person to be around. A very giving man. He will be missed.
Dan & Linda Shomler
John F. "The Great" McDonald Sr. Milwaukee - Born to Eternal Life November 3, 2019, age 80 years. Beloved husband of Laurel (nee Koeske). Dear father of John F. Jr. (Jennifer), Patrick J. (Wendy), the late Lisa Marie, and the late Kirk McDonald. John was a proud Navy veteran whose remains will be buried at sea. John was an avid sports-fan and attended any activity his grandkids were in. He was born in New Hampshire growing up a Red Sox fan, but he then became a big Brewers fan. The Great McDonald loved to repair and service laundry equipment, and enjoyed conversing with customers like an old wash woman.
In memory of John F McDonald Sr.
The Driscoll Family
In honor of John F. "The Great" McDonald Sr.
The DeBord Family

McElvain, Larry

Sgt. in US Army Korea. In memory.
Birthday gift from daughter

McMahon, David

In memory of David J. McMahon, a proud US Navy veteran, and a great Uncle.
Cami Meyer

McMahon, David James

’Skip’ McMahon, US Navy
Bernie and Jane Dolan

Melby, Melvin

An aviation pilot in WWII who has now passed. My grandfather would be so proud to see this program offered for military members who gave their lives in service for their country.
The Melby Family

Miley, George

In loving memory of George P. Miley of Menomonee Falls, WI, a role model and friend.
The Nelson Family

Monfre, Frank

In memory of Frank Monfre
Dean and Karen Walters

Mortensen, Gary

To an honorable man, thank you for your service. Rest in peace.
Gretchen and Jon Schadeberg

Mueller, Jack

In memory of Jack Mueller who served his country in the US Navy.
Mark & Lisa Felton

Mueller, Robert

In honor of Robert Mueller, an Army reserves veteran, who protected and watched over our Rexnord associates.
Rexnord PMC Team
Thank You for Your Service Robert. Thank You For Being a Knight. God’s speed Robert.
Knights of Columbus 6448

Mueller, Robert G

Donation is in memory of ROBERT G MUELLER
Bette Radke

Multerer, Harold

In memory of Harold "Butch" Multerer
Chris Karnitz Family
In memory of Harold Multerer. Thank you for your service!
Sharon Waranka
In honor of Harold "Butch" Multerer of Port Washington Wisconsin.
The Lanctot Family

Mundinger, Ralph

In memory of Ralph’s military service and many years teaching, coaching and encouraging students in West Bend, WI. A true Patriot.
Doyle Braswell

Nekich, John

A true American hero. A great soldier, loving husband, father and grandfather.
Joseph Property Development
R.I.P. to a wonderful man and patriot. Thank you for your service!
Family Friend
Rest in peace Uncle John. Thank you for your sacrifices and service. You will be missed greatly.
The family of Jim and Mary Ann Nekich

Niemann, Curtis

We’re happy to hear about your opportunity to take the Honor Flight. Certainly it must be overwhelming for you to be able to go back in time and reflect on all of the memories (some good, some bad) while knowing you have so many family and friends that support you all the way. We hope you enjoy your special day. We appreciate what you as well as ALL servicemen have sacrificed for the freedom in which we enjoy today.
Dennis and Brenda

Oberlin, Marvin G.

Marvin G. Oberlin, was in the Korean War he past on September 18, 2018 at 90 years old. My Dad was a Navy man and he loved the sea. He was on a minesweeper and had many stories of his service. Some funny and some sad. I thank God my fathers ship never hit a mine and killed the crew. I would like to thank all the service men and women for their sacrifices in protecting our Nation! Much Love and God Bless!
Karla Sprung [Oberlin]

Oehlke, Richard

Thank you for your service. You will be missed.
Thank you Uncle Richard for your service.
Steve and Pati Felter

Oehlke Sr., Richard J.

To honor Richard J. Oehlke Sr., a remarkable man, loved and cherished by so many.
Bill and Jane Hintz (Niece)

Oehlke, Sr., Richard

In loving memory of Uncle Richie’s service to our country.
Bob and Cari Donovan

Olshefski, Francis G.

In memory of Francis "Bud" Olshefski, who proudly served his country in the United State Army.
Family friend

Olson, Harris

In memory of a very proud World War Two veteran.
Jane Sheehan

Olson, Harris “Ole”

I knew Ole as the father of a dear friend as I was growing up and through more recent decades. A true one of a kind character, filled with energy and good humor. One of his fondest memories was experiencing an honor flight, so I am pleased to support your service to our veterans.
Gail Naruo

Ove, Amber

In memory of Amber Ove for her dedication to family, community, and faith.
Rick and Jackie Ove
In memory of Amber Ove a supporter of Honor Flights who had a wonderful caring spirit.
Mike & Debby Rocks
In Memory of Amber Ove
Debbie and Larry Jones
In memory of Amber Ove - a strong supporter of the Stars and Stripes program.
The Henson Family
In memory of Amber Ove
The Brandel family
This tribute is on behalf of Amber Ove who resently passed away and felt passionately about this cause.
Albers Family
In memory of Amber Ove.
Frankmann family
Amber is such a kind, caring, thoughtful Lady who always shared her beautiful smile. Thoughts and prayers for Amber in Heaven and her family. RIP Amber
Beth Berger
In memory of Amber Ove
Toboso United Methodist Church
An angel who left us too soon
Brabson/Rusy family

Ove, Amber Lee

Our thoughts and prayers are with you family. Ben W., Debbie S., and Natalie W.
Byline Bank

Patnode, Lorne

Dad didn’t make it to his flight, so I’d like to make a contribution in his name.
His daughter, Sue

Phillips, Art and Chris

Happy 50th Anniversary!
Steph, Joe, Maria and families

Pias, Gerald

In loving memory of a life well lived.
Mike and Julie Prasher
With utmost respect and admiration for Gerald’s service to our country. May he rest in our Lord’s eternal peace. What a blessing he was able to experience an Honor Flight and visit Washington, D.C.
Dave & Teresa Lunt
May our friend soar forever. Rest In Peace Jerry!
Scott and Mary McCabe
Honor and love to Jerry!
Scott and Cindy Webb and family
In memory of Gerald Pias who was honored to take this flight. Thank you for this wonderful organization and what you do.
Bill and Audrey Mueller
In loving memory of Gerald Pias.
Mary and Jim Loendorf
In memory of my cousin who served his country and was a wonderful husband and father. I will always remember you smiling!
Jerry and Linda Jardina

Pias, Jerry

Our thoughts and prayers to Dee and family. Jerry was a class act. Have many great memories of Jerry.
Ken & Carol Otwaska
In honor and memory of Jerry Pias
Lora Anderson
Our sincere condolences to your family.
The Helvey Family
What a wonderful man, Jerry always had a smile on his face. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Tom & Kristin Kiefer and family

Pinnow, Ervin

We are grateful for Erv’s service in the Coast Guard transporting troops and equipment aboard LST-262 at Omaha Beach during the D-Day invasion. He was excited and grateful for the opportunity to go on an Honor Flight some years ago from Milwaukee, Erv passed away on June 1, 2020 at the age 97. Erv, you have earned a well deserved rest in the Lord’s hands.
Fred & Carol Wolfgram
In memory of Ervin R Pinnow
Waukesha Metal Products
In loving memory.
Dave and Kathy Pinnow
You never walk alone.
Mike and Deb Moran
In Loving Memory
Sarah Bartlein
My dad was a WWII Coast Guard Veteran. He was on LST 262 and was in the Normandy invasion . When I was a 13 or 14 yrs old I used to ask him what he did and where he was, all I got was tidbits. We did not talk about it for a lot of years and I and brothers and sisters tried to get him on the Honor Flight to DC. The answer was always I did not do anything . Everyone brought it up until my brother Dave got a yes and went with him, What a surprise he got when he came back to the Milwaukee Airport. He found out he did make a difference. Over the years since when I called got more info about what he did during the war and talked about my Navy escapades. I am glad I found a lot more about my Dad thanks to Honor Flight.
Jeff Pinnow

Pinnow, Ervin R.

Thank you for your service.
On behalf of the Mazur/Jung families.

Poull, James J. “Jim”

This donation is in memory of this special man. Our deepest condolences to the Poull Family.
Terry & Kathy Bretl

Poull Sr., James J.

The Poull family would like to send a Thank you to the Stars and Striped Organisation. The flight Our father James took put a smile in his heart and memories we all get to keep of him. Thank you again The Poull’s
The Poull family

Radtke, Chester

Chester was a great American Patriot who served his country during a very dangerous and historical time. He went on to live a long prosperous life in which many do not get to experience. As I am sure he will not be forgotten, thank you Chester Radtke for your service to our country.
The Rife family..

Rasich, George

As a World War 11 Veteran who took his honor flight in 2013 and so proudly wore the shirt presented to him at that time until the shirt just could not take another washing. He directed his daughters to never throw it away and they obliged as they tried to get him a new one for fathers day. Making a call to Debbie and then to Barb, a new shirt and a jacket were hand delivered to this hero. A fathers day complete! Thank you for your assistance in making this mans heart full.
Cathy Anderson

Rauguth, Robert

This donation is in the name of Bob Rauguth. Bob served in the Korean war and passed away 6/23/2020 at age 90. He was never able to take part in a Honor Flight, but we know he would have loved it. We hope this donation will be used to help other Veterans enjoy this wonderful experience. Sincerely, The Family of Bob Rauguth
Family & Friends of Bob

Rego, Frank

In memory of a truly great Man, Husband, Father and Grandfather. Answering the call when his Country needed him.

Reynolds, Mary and Tim

In honor of the marriage of 2 wonderful people, Mary and Tim.
The Kozinski’s

Robinson, Chester

This tribute is in memory of Chester Robinson who took his honor flight trip with his son Michael Robinson in June of 2014. As Chester said it is a welcome home that he will never forget. My family felt that we wanted part of his memorial fund to go to the Honor Flight in his name. Thank you for what you do.
Memorial Fund & family in Chester Robinson’s name

Schloerke, Kenneth

In memory of Ken Schloerke who recently died at age 100. He was a U.S. Marine.
Mark and Jenny Kopetsky

Slown, John F.

In memory of John F. (Jack) Slown, WWII Army veteran who was blessed to attend the Chicago Honor Flight on April 10, 2019. It was an amazing experience to add to a lifetime of wonderful memories. Jack passed peacefully on July 2, 2020, just one month after his 70th wedding anniversary with his lifelong love, Joan. He lived 94 years and will be remembered with admiration and love by all who knew him. Rest in Peace, Uncle Jack! Love, Nonno
His niece, Ellen Haupt Myers

Spalding, Gordon

In honor and memory of Gordon (Gordie) J. Spalding for his service to our country. We are personally grateful for the years we got to enjoy with him. He will always be that very special man in our lives.
Hannah, Kelsey, Cindy and Tom Conlin

Speerbrecher, Norman

In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Employees of Cedarburg Light & Water Utility
In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Cedarburg Light & Water Utility Commission
In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Employees of Cedarburg Light & Water Utility
In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Denise Victor

Stangel, Gregory

In memoriam Gregory Stangel US Marine Corp
John & Mandy Schindler

Stollenwerk, Erwin

To our Dad who served in WWII in the U.S. Navy. We were so proud of him!
Family and friends of Erwin Stollenwerk
In memory of Erwin Stollenwerk, WWII Navy Veteran. May you rest in peace and honor with your fellow seamen.
John & Ann Lamoureux
In memory of Erwin Stollenwerk
Nancy Chapko

Tackes, Stanley

A great man who will forever be in our thoughts.
Jan and Jeff

Test, Erin


Uselding, James

in honor of James Uselding
Dan Salzman

Uselding Sr., James H.

In memory of James H. Uselding Sr.
Jenn Wagner, Preferred Building Supply

VanGilder, John

In memory of JohnVanGilder, US Navy
Mimi Carlson

Varner, Bill

Bill passed away on March 6th. He was a veteran and loved this country very much. He was able to go on a honor flight a few years ago and it was one of the highlights of his life.
Jon and Janelle Teraoka

Vertein, Allen

In memory of my uncle who served in the Korean War. He rarely ever said anything about his service. He was able to participate in an honor flight before his passing a couple of years ago. I would like to help others to be able to participate in the future.

Voelker, Robert

In Memory of Robert Voelker
Corey Evinrude

Voight, Walter

Thank you for your service, sir. Rest in peace.
Dan & Sherri Guendert
In memory of Wally, and in gratitude for his service to our country. Rest in Peace, Wally.
Holly Szablewski & Barb Newhouse

Wala, Frank

In memory of "The Commish"
A friend

Waldron, Ed

To my father Edward Waldron who flew with SSHF last April. Thank you for all you do!
Eric Waldron

Wallner, Edward

In loving memory of Grandpa Eddie. One of the finest men ever. We’ll miss you!
The Greene’s and Milner’s
In fond memory of Edward Wallner
The Abplanalp Family
Terrific family man and gentleman.
Judy Greene

Walton, Charlie

In honor of Charlie’s selfless volunteerism in the "No Veteran Dies Alone" program

Watt, Bill

Bill, Thanks for your service and the years of friendship. I hope you enjoy your special day. You and all the Honor flight travelers deserve our deepest respect and thanks.
Patrick Schultz

Weber, James

Thank You
Robert & Kathy Dittmar
Jim passed this past week at the age of 94. He served our country in WW2. Per the family wishes we are comforted by supporting the honor flight program
Dan & Ellen Jasicki
In memory of James M Weber.
John and Patti Dibb
In loving memory Uncle Jim
Rick & Donna Wentarmini

Weber, James (Jim)

In loving memory of Uncle Jim. We went on the Honor Flight November 5, 2011.
The Ed Gunderman Family

Weber, James M

Our dearest Brother-In-Law and Uncle - we will miss you greatly, your jokes, laughter, and funny stories. You were a friend to many, and wonderful husband and father to Lois and Peg. I’m sure that Dick and Bob welcomed you with glasses in hand, spittin’ cotton, looking to see if you brought a case of Miller with you. We love you. Godspeed.
Family of Richard A Janke

Weber, James M.

He was a veteran of World War II and a member of the American Legion Post 449.
Dale and Patty Snyder

Weber, James M.

In memory of my Uncle, James M. Weber, he had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Honor Flight several years ago. He will be dearly missed, but now will be a shinning star watching over us.
Linda & Mike Turow

Webster, Robert L.

In honor of Robert L. Webster Sr. for the numerous years of service in the military, his ongoing and relentless support of troops during war and non-war years and his service to his community. We thank you for your service.
Chris & Tim Kayser Family
This donation is on behalf of our dear friend Bob Webster, Jr upon the passing of his father Robert L Webster, Sr. His father was a great Veteran and worked diligently to recognize Veterans in our state of Wisconsin. He passed away on 10-19-2019 at 91 years old.
Metro MLS & Chris Carrillo

Wells, Dave

In loving memory for your service.
Susan & Terry Porter

Wells, David

In memory of David Wells
Steve & Ann Robertson
In honor of David Wells
Mary and Burt Thorp
Donation sent in memory of David R. Wells (U.S. Army) from Greenfield, WI. who passed away on 2/21/20.
Jill and Mike Havey
In memory of David Wells
Marcella Akers

Wells, David R.

In memory and honor of David R. Wells, Greenfield, WI who served in the U.S. Army.
Mary Anne Havey
In honor and memory of David Wells
The Clark Family
Thank you for your bravery and service. You are missed. Love you, Grandpa.
Katelyn Wells

Wells, Davids

Thank you for your service to our country. Rest in peace.
The Bennett Family

Whittaker, Melvin

Served with honor. Gone but never forgotten.
Sister Diane

Wilke, Ronald

In honor of our uncle’s service in WW II. He was so appreciative of his honor flight.
Paul, Wayne, Ellen

Yee, Doug

May a veteran enjoy an awesome day in Doug’s honor
Lisa pendergast

Zebell, Russ

Russ served in WWII in the army corpse of engineers 250th combat division. He recently passed away at the age of 97 and enjoyed the honor flight several years ago.
Loving Family and friends

Zebell, Russell

A memorial in memory of Russell Zebell who passed away February 2020
Jon & Maureen Gessner

Zebell, Russell E.

Memorial in memory of Russell E. Zebell- WWII veteran
Glen & Sally Lee of Monona, WI
In memory of Russell E. Zebell and his service in the U.S. Army during WWII.
Ralph and Pam Zebell and family