All Who Have Served, All Who Have Served

This donation is to honor and thank you all those who have served our country.
Penny Hupp

Anahalt, Robert

This is in honor of my father. He went on his Honor Flight Nov 2017. He smiled more that day than any other day I can remember. He has since passed away. My hope is to give a day like that to so many other veterans.
His daughter

Backus, Mike & Marlene

Thank you for your dedication to this great cause!
Steve, Melissa, Ella and Ethan

Backus, Mike and Marlene

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your volunteer work with the Honor Flight of Wisconsin.
John and Chris Backus

Bauer, James

In memory of a special man who showed his devotion to family, service and, faith. His passion for woodworking brought so much joy to him and others! A special man!
Linda and Bill Wenninger

Beere, Richard F

In memory of a man who was my employer for 43 years. He met his bride while in England during the war. 12/24/1922 - 12/14/2022
Crystal Gillmore

Bley, Leroy

This is our second monetary gift to Stars & Stripes Honor Flights in memory of WWII Veteran & former Honor Flights traveler Mr. Leroy Bley of Port Washington, Wisconsin. He is the father of our colleague Mr. Paul Bley. Office of General Counsel, Defense Health Agency, Falls Church, Virginia
This monetary gift is in memory of Mr. Leroy Bley, a WWII Veteran and an Honor Flight traveler, and given by the colleagues of his son Mr. Paul Bley.
Office of General Counsel, Defense Health Agency, Falls Church, Virginia

Blue, William

My father, William David Blue, took his honor flight last May 2022. He wanted to sponsor others because he was so impressed by the day, but he did not get around to sending money before he passed away on New Year’s Day 2023. We are sending all of the donations made at his service to Honor Flight to fulfill his wish of sponsorship. Please accept $555.00 to sponsor a deserving veteran. Thank you for all you do! The Blue Family
The Blue Family

Bluma, Leroy

Thanking Lee Bluma for his service, and making a donation to hopefully support a veteran that has never had the opportunity to go on a honor flight. Please add this amount to donation that were made at the March 18, 2023 Gala event that is was honored to be invited to. My auction bids got out bid, and I wish my portion will be added to what that evening brought in as donations of any kinds.
Liza & Rolf Ekstrand

Boettcher, Art

In honor of a kind man, who tirelessly gave of his time and Self to teach, support and encourage those around him. He left a beautiful legacy for his family to be proud of and which to live by.
The Dantuma’s

Boettcher, Arthur

US Army-World War Veteren
BSA-Southside Youngtimers
As a memorial for Art’s service in the Army.
David and Lynne Loosen
In loving memory of Art Boettcher
Kayla & Kim
I will always remember our time with you both.
Mary Sigrist
Art was a wonderful dad, leader, role model , and veteran .
Hendricks Family
In memory of Arthur Boettcher.
Pete and Suzy Wood
In Memory of Art - wonderful leader.
In memory of Art Boettcher
John and Lynn

Buchta, John

In memory of John A Buchta was was a proud WWII veteran.
From the family of John A Buchta

Collins, Paul

This donation is in loving memory of Paul Collins. If would be greatly appreciated if you could acknowledge to Paul’s family that a donation has been made in Paul’s memory to Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. The acknowledgment could be sent to Kathy Collins. Thank you very much. Kathy Collins and Family 1822 Crestwood Drive Caledonia, WI 53108
Scott and Jill Burson
Thank you for your service.
Andy & Jenny Petrick
In memory of Paul F Collins
Barb Wallner
In Memory of Paul F. Collins
The Goode’s ,Hendersen’s, Eichner’s, & Wagner’s

Collins, Paul Francis

In memory of
Steven Boles Family

Conran, Tom

For Grandpa and Great Grandpa!!
Your Family

Culloden, Marcella

In memory of Marcella Culloden, mother of Mike Giles.
John & Nancy Haese and Judy & Michael Check


Tony and Mary jo would like to recgonize all the sacrifices of our veterans especially Tony’s uncles who served during World War II, William Scansny, Chuck Scansny, John Scansny and Curley Scansny.
The Sons and Daughters of Anton and Maryjo
Tony and Mary jo would like to recgonize all the sacrifices of our veterans especially Tony’s uncles who served during World War II, William Scansny, Chuck Scansny, John Scansny and Curley Scansny.
The Sons and Daughters of Anton and Maryjo


Thank you for your service Dad! It’s been my honor, privilege and joy to be your daughter. Thank you for picking us three.
Your daughter

Esqueda, Robert

Robert was a U.S. Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton.
A family friend.

Felder, Lawrence J.

RIP Larry. Godspeed.
Nicole Bechler & Scott Nettesheim

Field, Grady

In honor and memory of Grady Field.
An SSHF friend

Fiul, Samuel

In honor of my dad a ww2 Veteran who never lived long enough to go on an honor flight. I had had the honor to go on honor flight 59. An experience I will never forget . I served in the army just like my dad. He was with me in spirit. Thank you for a trip of a life time. Regards Joseph Fiul Flight 59 October 2021
Joseph Fiul

Freeman, Shea

Merry Christmas. Proud of you for serving our country.
Dad and Mom

Gauthier, David >

David was my Vietnam Brother and Friend. He was a loving father, patriot and war hero. I salute his sacrifice and was honored to have given him a silent salute upon his homecoming on his Stars and Striped Honor Flight. Rest in Peace my brother-in arms.
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Retired)

Glines, Mike

Thank you for your service to your country and for your service to your family, your business and your community for over 50 years. We appreciate you and love you more than you know. With love from your family…
Your proud, grateful and loving family

Haas, Clinton

Dad we know how honored you were to have participated in the Honor Flight. We pray others may have the same opportunity through this donation in your honor.
Shelly & Family
In memory of a special father and grandfather
The AAH Compliance Team

Hagel, Arthur

In memory of Arthur Hagel of Menomonee Falls! For his years of service to our country
Pam Kwak

Haischer Jr., Theodore

In memory of his passing February 1, 2023.
Sandy Weggel

Hanson, Jack

In honor of Jack R. Hanson who passed away on February 14, 2023. Thank you for your service along with the many others who have served our country. We’re very glad that you had the opportunity to participate in an honor flight, and we won’t forget how happy yet exhausted you were upon your return to Milwaukee. Enjoy reminiscing with your old friends in Heaven, Jack. You will be missed!!
The Kaehler Family: Darrell, Carol, Cameron & Colin
In memory of Jack Hanson, a veteran, husband, father and great role model for all of us kids growing up in the neighborhood.
Bill and Sandy Zdroik
In honor of Jack R. Hanson, who so proudly served in the United States Navy. He was honored to be on one of these Honor Flights. May you rest in peace, Jack.
Deb and Kurt Gunderson
To one of my Life Long Friends. We’ll meet again.
William & Luanne Thompson
In memory of Jack Hanson.
Craig, Alicia, and Lucas Hesselberg

Hanson, Jack R

Thank you, Jack, for your service. We know how much you meant to your family and friends. You will be missed.
Tammy and Clark Thompson

Hayes, Thomas

My dad is and was and always will be my hero!
Elizabeth Hayes-Kotecki

Heck, Ralph

An uncle who enhanced our lives.
Donald & Margie Pellmann
Donated in the memory of Ralph Heck
The Lancour and Denee families
Thank you for your service. Rest in Peace.
Steve and Julia Wagner
Memorial contribution
Salem School Administrative Team--Vicki, Christy, Marquez, Patty
In memory of Ralph R Heck. Thank you for your service. In honor of a life well lived.
Salem’s 4K Team
In memory of Ralph Heck. Ralph served in the US Army from 1952 until 1954 in Korea. Ralph was a wonderful man and he will be missed. Thank you Ralph for your service and friendship.
Tim & Lori
In honor of Ralph Heck. Korean War veteran and family friend.
Jeff and Sue Clapp
Ralph was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He recently became a great grandfather to our grandson Jackson Ralph named in his honor. He was an army veteran and was able to experience an Honor Flight.
Steve and Susie Garrett

Heck, Ralph R

God speed as you rest in peace, Mr. Ralph Heck! We didn’t know you but you raised a wonderful daughter that we do know. As a testament to your storied life we would like to honor your memory with this donation.
Mary Strupp and Peter Bardes

Heck, Ralph R.

In memory of Ralph Heck
Andrea Stanek

Hein, Arnold

Remembering you and saying thank you for your service.
Perry and Barb

Heinz, William

Thanks you Dad for your service in WWII and for all you have done for your country.
Natalie Longworth

Hellmich, Richard

May he rest in peace.
Greg & Laurie Strube, Kiri Bornhofer
In memory of Richard Hellmich.
The Berggren Family
Please accept this donation in memory of Richard who passed away in January.
Arnie and Maggie

Hellmich, Richard Theodore

In honor of a loving life and a great family man.
Debby and Dallas

Hetzel, Lawrence

This donation is from my brother and I. Instead of exchanging gifts this year we decided to make a donation in honor of our dad who was part of Mission 63 in June. It was the best day and he enjoyed every minute. Thank you for everything you do for our Veterans! Merry Christmas!
Amy Bilgrien and Aaron Hetzel

Hoffman, Dr. Hermes

In loving memory of Dr. Hermes Hoffman Please mail gift acknowledgment to: Gail Hoffman and Rick Meyer 240 West Dean Road Milwaukee, WI 53217
Ami and Ivy

Hoffman, Hermes

In fond memory of the life you lived and the lives you touched. You were truly a special man, husband, father, grandfather and friend to many and you will be deeply missed.
Brian & Ellen Gordon
In memory of Dr. Hermes Hoffman and in honor of all veterans.
Jonathan & Melissa Koenig
In loving memory of Hermes Hoffman.
The Komens
In memory of
Jody Kaufman and Paul Loewenstein
In loving memory of Hermes
Nancy and Jim Barnett
In honor of Dr. Hermes Hoffman
The Novak family
In fond memory of Dr. Hermes Hoffman, a veteran of World War Two, who served on the USS Recruit AM 285. He went on an Honor Flight, which meant so much to him. Hermes was a dentist in Milwaukee for many years and volunteered his skills at the Marquette Dental School clinic. He and his wife (the late Thelma) were married for 59 years, had three children, four grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and many, many friends. He will be missed.
Anne and Mark Gleischman

Hogan, Molly

We are so proud of Molly’s long-time involvement in S&S Honor Flight and the organization’s ongoing commitment to our veterans!
Mark & Janet Hogan

Koch, Mark

In memory of Mark Koch who served his country in Vietnam and then as a police officer for many years.
Ken and Diane Brown

Koenings, Thomas

My father was a Vietnam veteran and passed away this October.
Son’s Family

Kozuch/O’Brien, Wiliam

Sergeant USMC - Retired for his service and "Pay it Forward" generosity at Gibson’s Oak Brook!
The Kokalj Family

Kuhl, Carter

In memoriam of Carter W. Kuhl (Fred) who passed away June 15, 2022.
Family member

Larson, Victor

Our donation is on belief of a dear friend, Victor Larson, a Korean War vet we met through Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. Jamie was first selected as Vic’s guardian, but due to health issues, he was unable to travel. When he finally was able, Jamie was already assigned to be a guardian for another vet so I was selected to be Vic’s guardian. As it turned out, we both were able to share his special day in DC along with Jamie’s Korean War vet. What a memorable day the four of us had! Vic brought so many smiles and laughter to those he met and through this experience, he became like family to us. We were so blessed to have him in our lives. RIP Victor. You may be gone, but never forgotten.
Jamie & Pam Garris

Lippiatt, Donald

In honor/memory of Donald Lippiatt. Offering support to his family, in particular Amy Lippiatt and Chris Turner.
Barb Teske-Young and Brandon Young

McInroy, Douglas

So that another who gave of their prime years and their very health can enjoy a little something back.
Those you love you.

Merten, Larry

Larry Merten of Fond du Lac passed away on March 3, 2023. He served in the US Army after high school and had the pleasure of receiving an honor flight several years ago. I remember his family saying how special it was to him and hope that other veterans get an opportunity to share in the same experience.
Maggie Hefter

Michaels, Jr., Harry

"For the few and the proud, from the many and the thankful, words cannot adequately express our profound gratitude for your service and dedication to our freedoms." Proud to be able to honor you! You are an inspiration and role model to your children and grandchildren. We love you!
Your Loving Family

Miller, Jesse

In loving memory of my father who participated in the May 16th 2015 honor flight. What an incredible experience we had that day. You as a Veteran and myself as a guardian. It was such an honor for my father to be honor in such an incredible way. To meet with other Veterans and to see all the Memorials and Arlington Cemetery. The Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns Soldier was incredible and I saw the tears in my Father eyes that told me the story of what this all meant to him. Unfortunately my father passed away on September 21st. 2015. My father talked about that day in DC right up to the day of his passing. He continually thank me for signing him up to go on this experience. I told my father that the people we need to thank are all the great folks at the Stars and Stripes Honor Flights Organization. So in my Father name please accept this annual donation in my father name. Keep up the great work of honoring our Great Veterans.

Morse, Captain Earl

In appreciation of Captain Earl Morse being our keynote Speaker at the 2022 Wisconsin All Academies Military Ball held at the Pfister hotel, Milwaukee on December 30, 2022.
Wisconsin Air Force Academy Parents Assoc.

Murphy, Dennis

To a brave sailor who never forgot those days .
Your sister

North, Max

I am so proud of of what you have stood for all your life. Your courage, patriotism, honesty, faith, and dedication of kindness & love. We all love you and are so grateful to have your example and guidance in our lives. Jane, Calen, & Tyler
jane Tyler & Calen

Oligney, Dennis

In memory of Dennis from the Sargento Foods R&D Sunshine Club.
Sargento Foods R&D Sunshine Club
Proudly served. Vietnam Vet - Army
Mike Lieber

Patoka, Gari and Gloria

To thank you for all of the work the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight has done throughout the years.
Diane Valenti

Polzin, Myron

This donation is a tribute to my grandfather in appreciation of his kindness, selflessness and bravery.
Colin & Mandi

Radtke, Tom

In memory of Tom and his service to his Country and the sacrifice that entailed.
John and Marcia

Riegg, Alan

In loving memory of proud Korean War Veteran, Alan Riegg.
Jennifer Bartholomew
Mr. Riegg, thank you for your service. Although we haven’t met you, we know your son, Chris, and can only imagine what you were like based on him. Sincerely, Jeff Van Straten and the Clearwing family.
Jeff Van Straten in the Clearwing Family
In memory of Alan V. Riegg
Keith & Donna Robers
In loving memory of a great brother-in-law, godfather, uncle and great uncle.
The entire Rothe family in FL, MN and NY.
For my wonderful brother-in-law. A great son, husband, father, uncle, cousin, friend... and honorable veteran. Rest in peace, Alan.
Your sister-in-law, Karen.
We thank you for your service.
Saint John’s On The Lake - LifeStreams Staff
In loving memory of Honor Flight Veteran Alan Riegg
the Licht family

Riemer, Norbert E.

In the memory of Norbert E. Riemer
Matt and Lori Frey

Schaefer, Megan

This donation is in honor of Megan Schaefer who passed away unexpectedly way too soon. She was a devoted volunteer for the Honor Flight for the past 11 years, and she promoted veteran’s passionately. She will be greatly missed.
Marjorie Borchardt
A tribute to Megan, who trained me and always gave 100% making sure patients were always safe.
Friend and colleague
In loving memory of Megan Schaefer
Beth & Tom Schueller, Maizie & Marty Penkwitz

Schmechel, Gary

In memory of Gary Schmechel.
Barry Christian
Thank you Gary for being an inspiration, friend and good neighbor.
Fred Boss

Schmitt, Kenneth

This is a memorial gift in honor of Ken.
Pat & Tom Mehring

Schoenharr, Donald Bruce

To a life well lived, and all around a truly good man.
Ed & Donna Pulvermacher
For a life well lived.
Ed & Donna Pulvermacher

Sedivy, James N.

In memory of Jame N. Sedivy, may he rest in peace and his family be blessed
Pat and Laura Schmitz

Seidl, Gary

Gary served his country well in the Navy and after his service he continued to love and represent his country in an honorable way. Rest in peace Gary.
Jeff & Pat Hurst

Sitter, Michael

This is in memory of our friend, Michael Sitter (Navy). Please let his family know by contacting Michael’s sister, Terry Sitter Reuland, 2700 Camp Fire Crossing, Waukesha, Wi 53189-6804. Thank you!
Susie and John Hansen & Tom Jablonski and Annette Johnson

Sokol, James

In memoriam of my friend Kathy Sokol-Gill’s father.
Elaine Wilhelm and Bill Straub
In honor of your service.
Bimbo Bakeries USA

Sorenson, Doug

In Memory of Doug Sorenson
Tim, Jill, Zach & Elise Hoven

Sorenson, Douglas

In memory of Uncle Doug! Thanks for your service!
Nieces Jill, Jaci and Jamie

Spencer, James

A beautiful man who served his country with honor!
Kerrin and Rory Rhinesmith
Thank you for your service to your country and for being an active and giving member of your community. Prayers to your family during this difficult time.
The Von Bergen Family
Jim “Spence” became our much loved brother-in-law upon marrying our sister, Cindy in 1968. He was a wonderful husband and great father to his four children. As our families grew he continued to open his arms even wider welcoming and loving everyone who stepped into our families, always making them feel warm and welcomed. Spence sadly passed on December 18, 2022. He served proudly in the US Air Force as a Sergeant for 4 years during the Vietnam War. The honor flight he took in 2021 was such a wonderful experience for him, we wish to donate in his honor so others may have the same experience. Our brother will be greatly missed.
Your loving family, Tom White, Jim White, Terri Norman and Mike White

Spencer, James A

In loving memory
The Olmon, Figard, Schrader and Wulf families

Stewart Jr., John "Jack" James

In memory of John "Jack" James Stewart Jr.
Silver Spring Intermediate Sunshine

Stiegerwald, Warren

Congrats to my Uncle and POW for his dedication and strength of conviction to this great country!
Michael Coughlin

Thompson, Bill

With gratitude for Bill’s service. Our freedom is protected every day by those who serve! Honor Flights are amazing!
Mike & Gail Biesiadny
In memory of Bill Thompson for his dedicated service to our country.
The Kauppila Family
Retired Command Sergeant Major, Bill Thompson always had a smile to share, he was a great neighbor and family man. He deserved many more years to enjoy his life and loved ones. Taken too soon.
The Zweifel Family
Our deepest condolences to Bill’s family.
Steve and Kelly Klein

Thompson, William

CSM Bill Thompson - one of the best. His service to his country was outstanding, his humor unique, and his friendship unparalleled. Thanks, Bill, for enriching our lives. The Olde Soldier will be sorely missed.
The Reidys
This donation is in honor of Uncle Billy.
Kate & Andrew

Thompson, William "Bill"

Bill you have made a life long impact on our family. Thank you for your service and thank you for your friendship. You will never be forgotten!
Schmutzer Family
In memory of Command Sergeant Major (Retired) William (Bill) R. Thompson
Paul & Kris Mueller, Melissa Kreuscher, Justin & Danielle Mueller

Thompson, William (Bill)

Bill has been a long time friend of the Hansen family and customer of Square One Heating and Cooling. He was a great individual to know and step along side life with. We will forever remember and cherish our memories of Bill. I’m sure he is soaring with all his comrades and family that went before him and undoubtedly making them smile just as he did for all of us. RIP Bill / Command Sergeant Major William R. Thompson
Everett Hansen Family

Torbeck, Dennis

In Memory of Dennis Torbeck, a great man, father and grandfather, who served our country.
The King Family
In memory of Dennis Torbeck.
The Knutsen Family
In memory of Dennis Torbeck. Loving husband, father, and grandfather.
Michelle Bloedow
Our thoughts & prayers go out to the entire family! Thank you to all the men & women who have served & are serving our country!
Renee Brian & Sydnee Braatz
Rest in Peace
Gene and Sue Best
In Memory of Dennis Torbeck
The Rush Family
In Dennis Torbeck’s honor for his service to our country in the Army and all the kindness he showed to others.
Barb, Al, Hunter & Max (Kadrich)
Sending the Torbeck family love and prayers for peace and comfort.
The Wagoner Family

Trawicki, Dick

Dick, In honor or your service to our country and your 80th Birthday, we have made a donation to the Honor Flight in your name. the Wauwatosa Lions
The Wauwatosa Lions Club

Urbanski, Thomas

For the flight you never got to got the chance to take with your Korean War brothers!
Your Grandson

Wagner, Laura

In memory of loving wife of Wayne Wagner and mother of Daniel, Wendy and Deanna. Send acknowledgment to : Wayne Wagner,1624 Manistique Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172
Gerhardt & LuAnn Lambrecht

Walls, Homer

In honor of WWII vet Homer Walls
The Kronsnoble family

Wanserski, Michael

In memory of a true Veteran of our country
Loving duaghter Carol

Watts, Bob

Thank you for your service. It was an honor to be at your return flight to welcome you home!❤
Kevin and Theresa

Watts, Robert

I am so proud of you!
Your wife

Weiss, Gerald

In memory of his years in the service. I’m sorry he was not able to take his Honor Flight
Amy Vaught

Widish, Bob

Please accept our deepest condolences on the loss of your father. From all your friends at Essential Industries
Essential Industries

Widish, Robert

In Appreciation of a wonderful Father and his services!
Dawn & Kurt Hockerman

Widish, Robert "B0b"

To a special man who is now at peace.
Thomas & Carolan Smith

Widish, Robert James "Bob"

In memory of Bob Widish.
Deb & Duane Grimm

Wimmer, Darrel

In loving memory of Darrel Wimmer - A great man who served and honored his country, family, friends, and neighbors with extraordinary pride and care.
Quynh and Joe Trueblood

Wimmer, Darrell

In memory of Darrell Wimmer and in honor of his service to our country.
Jennifer Sahin
In memory of Darrell Wimmer.
Erin Dove
The Honor Flight was something that meant a lot to Darrell so what better way to honor him and this great cause!
Dan and Cindy Johnston
The Richardson School is proud to remember former Honor Flight participant Darrell Wimmer. He served in the United States Air Force and was a Munitions Maintenance Specialist and Explosive Operator. Darrell was deeply devoted to his country and fellow countrymen.
The Richardson School
Rest in peace Darrell, you will be missed by all
Chris and Yovanka Kienzle
In loving memory of Darrell Wimmer
Eric & Tami Merkel
Thank you for your service and hard work raising money for causes true to your heart.

Wimmer, Daryl

in loving memory of Daryl Wimmer
Marilu Mcdonald

Wimmer, G Darrell

Darrell was an amazing man who served the country he loved and wished for all veterans to have the opportunity to go on the Honor Flight. He devoted a lot of time to making this happen for many. It was an honor to know Darrell.
Ron and Linda Wilson

Wimmer, G. Darrell

To a wonderful classmate of 12 years and a long time faithful friend. See you soon.
Carold Cole-Ownbey
In loving memory.
Pam Scheferman
This donation is made in the memory of G. Darrell Wimmer
Rob and Peggy Schmidt and family
Thank you for your years of service to our country and others. Your legacy will live on through your two wonderful daughters and grandchildren. May you rest in peace.
West Bend School District, Principals
In memory of Darrell Wimmer.
Nancy Kunkler

Wimmer, Garland Darrell

Our West Bend East and West athletic department sends you our love during this very difficult time. Darrell was an amazing man, and he wore his “W” for Wimmer hat with pride. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!
Erin Felber, Molly Hengst, Maija Mayer and Jen Rausch
Thank you for serving.
Jenny’s friend.

Woltman, Ward

In memory of Ward Woltman, who passed away in November 2022 at the age of 96. He proudly served in the infantry of the US Army in the Philippines and Japan during WWII. The Good Lord watched over him during battle, putting a pile of dirt, a rock, or a tree between him and a bomb or a bullet numerous times. After the war, he worked hard his entire life and raised a family that loved him immensely. If ever there was a man to model your life after, he was it - generous, happy, hard-working, tough-as-nails, with a strong faith, a healthy competitiveness, and a deep love for his family, with an extra special love for each and every one of his grandchildren. He will be deeply missed, but loved and remembered forever.
His loving family

Zingale, Thomas

In memory of Thomas Zingale
Karen Y

Zoellick, Pete

All our love to the Zoellick family. Your father Pete was a wonderful uncle.
Cal and Nancy Berry and Family