Anderson, Gerald

In their honor
Mary Bristow

Andrus, Walter

Thank you for your service Uncle Wally. We love you. Paul, & Cherie and Joe.
Paul Cherie Andrus

Blindauer, Eugene

"Gene" was a Korean Veteran and went on the Honor Flight in April 2016. He passed away April 28, 2019. He was glad he was able to make the trip. Thank you all for what you do for our Veterans.
His loving wife, Jean, and family.

Clark, Sr, Chancy

This is the thanks you never got when you got home

CoCroft, Eugene

We love you.
Racine Dental Group

Comparin, Pat

Jen & family - Our deepest sympathy on the loss of your mom.
Penny & Sheldon
Thank you for listening. Thank you for caring about my children as you would your own. For encouraging & guiding me when I had no idea what I was doing. For introducing us to Chester’s (so yummy) & Above & Beyond (Madeleine’s favorite place to hang out). Most importantly, for loving us without hesitation. Though we no longer see you, your spirit is all around us. From the handmade blankets the girls snuggle with & the books they read every night to the best kitchen scrubbies in the world. We love you Grandma Pat. You are missed beyond words can say! Until we meet again, rest easy....and then get ready for the biggest hug ever!
PJ, Meagan, Madeleine & Piper Steinke
In loving memory of Pat. I’m so glad you were part of our family. I will miss you very much.
Teri and Steve

Comparin, Patrice

Memorial to Pat - a longtime neighbor and friend.
Jack and Betsy Schill
You will be greatly missed by all of your family and friends.
Candice and Joseph Kostowicz
In loving memory of a wonderful neighbor.
The Lanctot Family
In loving memory, Pat will be missed dearly.
The Jelinski Family
Our deepest sympathy to Jennifer and her family. In memory of Patrice.
Anna & Johnny Martiny

Comparin, Patrice L.

In honor of Pat & her family.
Mickey Binnebose & Maggie Doyle

Consiglio, Rosario

Rosario was a remarkable individual. His contribution to his family, his community, the United States and our way of life cannot be measured in words. He will be missed but never forgotten. He set a standard for all of us to live by.
Dennis and Anne Abere

Consiglio, Rosario

In memory of Rosario Consiglio and his many years of service in the Navy.
The Renzelmann’s
In honor of your service to our country over so many years, we make this donation in the name of Rosario Consiglio.
John and Colleen Haubner

Consiglio Sr., Rosario

In memory of Russ’ 20 years of service to our country. We are grateful for people, like Russ, who have served, so we can live in freedom.
Mike & Alice Delmore

Consiglio Sr., Rosario

Navy CPO Consiglio was a true hero. Served in 3 wars.
David Fischler & Barbara Bohmann
RIP Rosario Consiglio Sr.
Kelly & Kevin McCormack

Dzierzewski, Ervin

Ervin was one of our Greatest Generation of Heroes. We flew on a Stars and Stripes Honor Flight in April 2018. He was a very kind man who is deserving of our greatest respect!
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Retired)

Falkavage, Clifford

In honor of my father, a Korean War Veteran, who sadly passed before a spot for him on an Honor Flight became available in the area where he was living. He completed his paperwork with great anticipation, and would have been thrilled had he been able to go on a flight.
Your Loving Daughter

Grimm, Roy

In memory of your service to our county. Thank you.
Ray & Linda Hohler

Hayes, John P.

You were not only my grandfather, but my hero. Thank you for your service. I will cherish our WW2 monument visit always.
Amanda Heise Cornue

Kaufman, John Sr.

In loving memory of my Father who flew in October 2016. He had such an amazing day. We know he would be proud to send a vet on this trip.
John Kaufman’s Estate

Konrad, Wallace

In gratitude for your service in the U.S. Navy.
Judy and Vince Zangara

Kowalski, Jerome J.

In memory of Jerry Kowalski, who took an Honor Flight in 2011.
Steve & Renee Penoske

Kucher, Joseph

RIP 9/21/1921 - 5/23/2019 “That was the best day of my life*”. - Joseph Kucher *Honor Flight 10/5/16 with Guardian [Angel] Eileen Wilson
Patty - Joe’s Daughter

Littell, Willis

A donation honoring Willis {Bill} on the occasion of his death.
Mer Grossman

Littell, Willis Guy

In loving memory of Bill
Marc & Takako Willden

Moldenhauer, Warren

In honor of our Fathers’ service, both veterans of WWII.
Your loving family, Doug and Sue

Moss, Arce

My late Father who served during World War II
Dwight Moss

Murphy, John W.

In honor of John W. Murphy, who served in WWII and the Korean War so his sons would not have to go to war and in honor of his son, Craig W. Murphy, Viet Nam Veteran.
His daughters, Dawn and Tracey

Patrice L. Comparin, In Memory of...

Pat is a co-worker’s sister that asked for donations to be made to Stars and Stripes Honor Flight in lieu of flowers.
Alex, Todd and Marg @ NorthwesternMutual

Ransom, Roland

For our dear friend who helped get us involved with paying respect to our returning Veterans-We miss you dear “brother “ God bless you
Knights on Columbus & VAVS at Zablocki VAMC

Redlinger, Richard

Thank you for your service. RIP
Bob and Dawn Finnegan

Redlinger, Richard J.

Family Friend

Redlinger, Ruchard

In honor of my beloved uncle. Traveling with the honor flight was one of the best experiences of his life.
Jennifer blair

Rivers, Robert

Our donation to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight is made on behalf of the Rivers family who recently lost their loved one, Robert, who served in the U.S. Navy. We send our love to the family and are happy to support this organization and express appreciation to our veterans.
Paul and Patricia Hugasian
In memory of Bob Rivers of Racine, WI who served in the US Navy from 1945 - 1948.
The UW Whitewater Palace Families

Schaefer, Franklin

Thank you for your service in the US Navy!
Paul & Denise Gifford

Schaefer, Franklin G.

In memory of Franklin Schaefer, a great man who will never be forgotten.
Don and Krista Sikora
In memory of Franklin Schaefer.
Kim Frost
In memory of Franklin Schaefer, a very special person who touched many lives.
Lorie & Steve Kanetzke
My sympathy to Frank’s family. Thank you for your service.
Miriam Johnson

Schaefer, Thomas

In honor of his 90th birthday on June 8.
Gaylen Stoa

Staeth, Joseph

Korean War Veteran, flew with Honor Flight
Jane Gottsacker

Stoller, Eli

Home of the free because of my Grandfather. He was a sailor in the Pacific during WWII. Thank you Grandpa for all you did to protect our wonderful country. Rest in peace.
Your Granddaughter, Jessica Stoller.

Thompson, Mathew

Thompson enlisted in the U.S. Army in March 2011 as a Special Forces Candidate. Upon completion of Army Basic Combat and Advanced Individual Training, Basic Airborne Course, Special Forces Assessment and Selection and the Special Forces Qualification Course, he reported to 1st Special Forces Group as a Special Forces medical sergeant in August 2014. In a statement, the commander of the Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan said Thompson was ’an exceptional Green Beret, a cherished teammate and devoted husband. His service in Afghanistan and Iraq speak to his level of dedication courage and commitment to something greater than himself.’
A grateful citizen

Van Lone, Murray

In honor of my cousin Staff Sergeant Murray Wayne Van Lone killed in Vietnam.
Cousin Paula

Vavrek, Michael

In memory of my father in law who served in the navy on the Essex Class Wasp in WWII, and in memory of my husband Robert M Vavrek to who greatly admired his father for his service to our country.
Susan Saliga

Ziemendorf, Mr.

In Honor of the serviceman who recently passed.
Darlene Ziemendorf