Anhalt, Robert

Bob expired November 3, 2020. He was a loving father, husband, grandfather and a kind and giving person to friends and the community. He was able to go on an honor flight in 2017
Bob & Penny Buhler
A great man who raised great kids. We were proud to know your family. Thank you for your service.
Your daughter’s college roommates.
Our sympathy goes out to the family of Robert Anhalt who passed away recently. Thank you Robert for all your years of service to our country.
Greg, Karen & Ashley Hofmeister

Arent, Lawrin

In memory of Lawrin Arent, stepfather to Erik Goslawski.
Zoomlion North America

Arent, Lawrin C.

In the memory of Lawrin C. Arent. Rest in peace.
UAW 82

Barbera, Ronald

May this donation be used to help other veterans experience the Honor Flight in my uncle’s honor. Thank you for your service, Uncle Ron. You are a true hero and forever in my heart. Love and miss you so much.
Cori Haagensen – proud niece
Thanks for you service Uncle Ron! We will never forgot you and you will always be in our hearts! Love you! Brian, Tammy, Kara and Amy
Your Loving Family

Barrington, Richard

In memory of Rick and in gratitude for his service to our country.
A family friend

Belter, Rich

Rich, US Army, served in Korea and Vietnam in the late 60’s. Rich and I, along with my two sons had the privilege to be on the September 28, 2019 flight. Rich had never been to Washington to see the Monuments and Memorials dedicated to those who served. He contracted agent orange and died of cancer on July 24, 2020. Because of his condition, we were able to skip, if not, he would not have been able to see the Korean, Vietnam and other Memorials.
Your Loving Brother and Family

Bode, Dan

This is a memorial for Dan Bode.
Linda Anderson

Bode, Daniel

In honor of your life and service. Rest in peace.
A friend of your daughter Dawn
Thank you for your service, Dan. We will miss you at All Saints Lutheran Church.
Brenda Badger
In honor of your Dad who bravely served to defend our country. Wishing you God’s peace during this time. With love
Auntie Sandy
In honor of Dan’s service to our country.
Clarice, Mary Kay, Tony and Takoda
In memory of Daniel Bode
Dwight and Lisa winger
In loving memory of Dan Bode who passed away on 9-11-20. He will be missed.
Mike & Linda O’Keefe

Bode, Daniel

Air Force veteran from Korea. He enjoyed the honor flights he participated in with his Daughter.
Rachel Carlson-in support of Dawn Ludwig his daughter

Boettcher, Kenneth

A Great Soul By Maya Angelou “A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.”
Kathy and Reuben Glass

Boettcher, Kenneth R.

In honor and memory of Kenneth Boettcher who passed away on October 28, 2020. He enjoyed his Honor Flight!
Kim Spoerl Moose friend

Braatz, Harvey

In memory of Harvey
Peggy’s friend

Bratkowski, Ron

A special Vietnam Veteran who accepted me as a Brother.
William Kleemann

Breitzman, Robert

Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to our favorite Dad! 🙂 We are so grateful that we were able to meet up with you in DC last October and share in your Honor Flight Day. We pray for an end to this virus so that other veterans may have the same opportunity. We Love You! Kathy and Izzy
Kathy and Izzy

Brice, Edward D.

Edward Brice passed away on August 7th at the age of 93. Edward left high school in Two Rivers, WI at the age of 17 in 1945 to join three of his brothers in fighting for our country. He joined the Merchant Marines and served throughout the South Pacific. In 1946, he enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Alaska until 1948. He returned from service, married, worked various jobs and with his wife, Dorothea raised six children. Eddie was encouraged many times to fly on an Honor Flight, but he declined because he didn’t think he deserved to go since he did not see action as his brother’s did. Despite our uncle’s humble decline to participate in an Honor Flight, Michele Schmitz and Trudy Joecks, daughters of one of his older brothers, want to honor him by donating to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight in his name.
Loving Nieces, Michele and Trudy

Cizmowski, Leonard

In memory of Lenny Cizmoski, a WW2 vet who passed away a few days ago. He was able to take one of your Honor Flights and create a very special memory. Thank you for all that you do for our vets.
Kim, John, and Kassia Schraufnagel

Corcoran, David

David, US Navy veteran, was on the same Stars and Stripes Honor Flight to Washington D.C. as I was. I’m pretty sure it was as emotional for him as it was for me. Although I don’t remember talking with him, I do remember his face. I salute you David and your comrades in arms. Thanks for your service and may we meet again in the ranks my brother.
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Retired)

Derler, Gilbert

Our deepest sympathies for the loving family of war hero Gilbert Derler.
Robin & Gary Haverman
In honor of Gilbert Derler and his family. Thank you for your service.
Sue and Ken Wagner
Rest in Peace, thanks for your service
Neighbors &Friends
Gilbert Derler died in West Bend, WI, on July 16, 2020. Gilbert was a proud veteran of the Korean War. He went on an Honor Flight in 2015 and said it was one of the best days of his life. God bless Gilbert and God bless America.
Sue Bronk & Daryl Damask
In honor of Gilbert Derler, a very special friend.
Frank and Joan Talaki
A tribute to one of the nicest men we’ve ever met. Gilbert always had a smile on his face and tried to put one on yours.
Mark & Bonnie Smith
In memoriam
Barry and Marilyn Siegel
I will never again have another Great Neighbor like you. You will be missed.
Your Great Neighbor - Evelyn Tosh
For a very good uncle who served his country proudly.
Marilyn Starck

Devcich, Joseph

In Memory of Joseph Devcich, USN WWII
The Vander Sanden Family


GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY! In honor of good men like Orville Druehl! Honor and thank you to each one of you.

Druehl, Orville

In memory of Orville Druehl. From Deni Naumann’s Copesan team.
Copesan Services Steering Team
Orville, thanks for your service to our country in the Korean War. Also thanks for your kindness and friendship to the Gorman family. You are a good man and will be truly missed. Love Randy, Debbie, Brandon, and Amanda Gorman
Gorman Family

Ebbers, Wayne

In memory of Wayne Ebbers
Your loving family

Emslie, Patricia

Patricia passed away at the age of 24 and we just want to donate this money in her name. Both her grandfathers were vets. Thank you
people at her funeral
As Patricia now flies with the angels, may this gift in her name help a veteran make the flight to Washington D.C.
Mark, Pam, Emmy and Alex Rostagno
In memory of Patricia Emslie.
The Conley Family
I was lucky enough to work with this sweet, sassy, big-hearted, and living life to the fullest gal. Thank you for blessing me with your friendship and kindness. If you taught us anything in how you lived life, it’s to live EACH day like it was your last. Missing you Sweetie! XO
Brenda - former co-worker

Engel, Bill

In memory of my Dad, A.W. "Bill" Engel. I’d give anything to have taken you on an Honor Flight, even though I know you would have insisted that you "didn’t deserve it." You definitely deserved it. This donation is made in your honor so that another hero who deserves it can make the trip. Rest in peace Daddy.
Your daughter Laura

Epping, Charles

In honor of Charles F. Epping, who passed on August 14, 2020.
Friends and family of Charles Epping
In loving memory.
Linda’s College Girlfriends

Fager, Philip

In honor of Philip Fager who was a proud Vietnam Veteran of theNavy Seabee Construction Battalion 5
In honor of Philip Wayne Fager a proud Vietnam Veteran of the Navy Seabees.
Victor and Patty Koenig
In Memory of Philip Fager a proud Vietnam Veteran of the Navy Seabees
Jerry and Jayne Ann

Fager, Philip Wayne

In memory of (Philip) Wayne Fager
For my big brother! He took his Honor Flight last fall. Just a few short months before he passed. He could not stop talking about what a great healing experience it was to fly with his fellow vets to see their memorials. The way they were treated, the honor they were shown, the stories that were told. His wish instead of spending money flowers that fade was to give memories to a Veteran by donating to this cause. Love you miss you Big Brother I will see you on Fiddlers Green!!!
Arthur Fager, Major US Army Retired

Fager, Wayne

Thank you for your service, Wayne!
Thank you for your service, Wayne!
Erin Ball

Flaherty, Martin

In remembrance of our beloved Uncle Marty, a dedicated military veteran and dedicated family man who loved his country, homeland and family with his huge Irish heart. Always remembered, always cherished, always loved ~
Steve Schwartz (Stevie) and family

Foote, Gerald

In memory of Uncle Gerry; may he fly amongst us everyday! Thank you for your service -
Cecilia A. Johnson (Knoll)
This donation is in memory of our dad who had the privilege of going on the flight in 2013 thanks to all the efforts of your group. He also had the honor of doing a couple of book signings which he truly enjoyed. Thanks to all the men and women that served our country and now are getting the recognition that they deserve.
Family and Friends

Friedel, Charles W.

For a beloved man who served his country and his family. Love you Poppy.

Gazzana, Peter

Thank you for your service. Happy Birthday
The Martinez Family

Gloede, Donald

In memory of Mr. Gloede, Father to Sue Swan, Grandfather to Morgan and Tanner Swan.
Serena, Holli, Gail, Darlene, Karen, Scott, Cheryl, Marina, Katie

Gotsche, Glen

In memory of Glen Gotsche and his dedication and service to our country. A special tribute to his family during this time of loss.
Tom and Ruth Clark & family

Graf, John

In memory of John Graf USAF Korean War Veteran
Tom Mitchell and Family
Please accept this donation in memory of John William Graf (my uncle). John passed away July 8, 2020. He was a much loved member of the family and will be missed greatly.
Roxane Peterson
In memory of John Graf. Our sympathies to Jenny, Kenny, Max, Brooke, Sam and the whole Graf family.
Rich and Tammy Mitchell

Graf, John W.

To a life well lived. Spreading the sacrifices & blessings of his life onto others.
Cindy and David Karasek

Graf, John William

In memory of John William Graf, USAF
Billy, Jason, Becky, Ben, Jon

Gregory, Richard

thank you for your service and for sharing your honor flight with me
your loving family

Grundman, Jack

In honor of Jack Grundman.
The Esmeiers
Jack has been a friend of ours for over 50 years and we will dearly miss him.
Long time friends.

Haybeck, Frank

In memory of Frank Haybeck
Jane Duffy
My deepest sympathy to the family of Frank Haybeck, grandfather of Evan Warwick
Shirley Adrian

Heiser, James

In honor of James Heiser who was able to go on the Honor Flight a few years ago, one of the best experiences he enjoyed before Alzheimer’s took his memories.
The Heiser Family

Heiser, James E.

Janet & Bob Hayden and Connie & Mario Rinaldi
Jim will be remembered for many things, but mostly for the beautiful force of his spirit and love.
Dan and Karen Weiss

Heiser, Jim

In honor of the Heiser family
The patio bar & grill

Hermansen, Eugene “Gene”

I was on a Stars and Stripes Honor Flight with Gene in April 2018. I remember Gene as a gracious and friendly soul. Although I only spoke with him a few times on the flight, I was inspired by his patriotism. Godspeed Gene, and may you continue your faithful service in the ranks of the heroes in Heaven. God Bless You and your family. We will meet again and share some war stories.
Howard Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

Hoeft, Harold

In loving memory of Uncle Harry. You were a very special part of our family. It was an honor to know and love you. We will all miss you.
Your Loving Family, The Greens
Tribute to: Harold “Nick” L. Hoeft, Waukesha, WI Nick was one of the great ones. He touched the lives of so many in such positive ways. We appreciate that he was recognized for his military service and given an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C., in 2016.
Gerald & Candace Becker
So sorry for your grandfathers passing, Danny. I’m glad you had this experience with him.
Conor McDermott-Mostowy
You will not be forgotten.
Kathleen Borowski
In memory of Harold Hoeft
David Krueger
In memory of a fine man who was kind to all. Lovingly, Wes and Jean Keller
Your cousins

Hogan, Molly

In recognition of Molly’s great service to our veterans though Stars & Strips Honor Flight’s misson!
Mom & Dad

Inselman, Herbert

My dad, a Korean War vet, felt he didnt deserve to go on a flight. He and I had the most amazing day ever. To my Dad!
Diane Rubsam and family

Just Stash,

You will be greatly missed by many people. Your willingness to go above and beyond for all the SSHF Veterans will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Stash...
Jeff & Eileen

Karnthaler, Kurt

You were a very special friend to us and will always hold a place in our hearts.
Rick and Kim Roloff
Rest in peace Kurt. Like my older brother, Kurt was an avid train enthusiast. Trains were his passion and Kurt’s fondness for them reminded me of my older brother. Perhaps they will join up now and "ride the rails" together. God Bless you Dianne and your family. We will not forget Kurt!
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Retired)
Kurt Karnthaler passed away on October 16, 2020, age 79 years. Kurt supported the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight as a charity and requested donations be made to this great organization in lieu of flowers, in memory of a great life lived.
Gregg Zak
In memory of a special friend
Carol and Ken Stephany
In memory of Kurt Karnthaler.
Peter, Wendy and Olivia Muth
To Diane, Cory and Eric. We wish we could attend the funeral of your husband/dad. We were planning the trip until it was suggested we needed to quarantine for 2 weeks upon our return. We miss seeing everyone, and will always remember Kurt from the time you all entered our family with Wally and mom’s union ship. What a journey of life and growth. I remember your dad helping me put together my canopy waterbed in my apartment in 1981, 27 pieces. Yikes, crazy. When Frank & I were married, Kurt, as part of our wedding party needed to carry flower girl, Abbey down the isle at church. We remember when Kurt visited mom in Dayton, mom was so excited & wanted to take him to her favorite restaurant, The Mill in Miamisburg. He would just smile. The everlasting smile. Diane & Kurt’s wedding on the boat was a memory as I just found pictures the other day. He will be missed. May he rest in peace. Mom, your biological grandmom, Wally, & others welcome him to Eternity.
Barb and Frank Ganschow
In loving memory of a fine man and patriot.
Phillip and Lynn Arazny
Thank you sir for your honorable service to this country! I salute you one last time. May you join the ranks of the honored veterans watching over us. Godspeed and my condolences to your family.
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Retired)

Kasten, Michael

In loving memory of Mike Kasten, a veteran who flew on the Honor Flight in 2018. Thank you for your service.
Family Friend

Kempf, Henry

Thank you for your service.

Kenney, Robert

in honor of your selfish service to our country and your honorable life
Mary Ellen Krueger

Kensche, Robert

In memory of Robert Kensche, who served our country, while in the US Army. Thank You for your service. We also thank you for being the kind And generous person you were.
Sheila and Bonnie

Kessler, Frank

In memory of Frank "John" Kessler, a man whose life was spent in service to his country, community, friends, and family.
The Truitts

Knuth, Paul

Thank you Uncle Paul for your service in the Navy. Sadly we lost you on June 4,2020, just almost one month short of your 92nd birthday! We love you with all our heart!
Linda & Jim Gustavson
To the adopted Uncle of my entire family. Uncle Paul, you have always been a member of our family. Our 6 children will always have fond memories of you. Holidays and special occasions were more special because you were always there! We’ll always have the great memory of you attending Brittany’s graduation from UW Madison at Camp Randall Stadium. Ashley will always cherish her memories Godfather and Uncle. May God keep him in his embrace and unite him with his wife, Lois.
Julie and Rich Buechs and our children, Brittany, Ashley, Tommy, Josh, Zach, and Jessie

Konkel, Chester A

in memory of a wonderful husband, father and grandfather
John and Janice Christianson

Krause, LaVern (Sonny)

In memory of Sonny Krause, we enjoyed your smiles and stories.

Krause, LaVerne

To a good man, role model and Uncle. R.I.P. Uncle Sonny.
Tom & Cindy Filz

Krause, Sonny

Thank you for your service to our country.
The Landwehr Family

Krause, Sonny (LaVern)

To Uncle Sonny (LaVern) Krause. I will remember your smile as big as your name and a heart as grand as your looming stature.
Shelley Filz Lautenschlager

Lamping, Frank

A memorial donation in Frank’s name. Frank recently passed away after a long and curagious battle with prostate cancer. While not a veteran, Frank’s family felt this was an organization he would support.
Penny Goodyear

Larsen, Richard

In memory of Richard Larson, a Korean Army Veteran
Family Friends

Lasman, Norman L.

In honor of Norman L. Lasman, who is so loved and fondly remembered, especially by those lucky enough to call him Papa Norm.
The Friends of Kara Foster

Lederhaus, Randy

Dear Randy D. Lederhaus, CMSgt, WI ANG For your 24 years of active duty service to the 128th Air Refueling Wing, Wisconsin Air National Guard. You were always there and ready to support the mission(s) for the State of Wisconsin. Sleep well Wisconsin your Air National Guard is on duty!
Claire, Craig T. Johnson & Katie L. Lederhaus

Lenz, John

To a good dad that taught me a lot, even though I didn’t know it.....
Your son

Levandoski, James

In Memory of James A Levandoski
The Racine Moose Lodge #437

Linden, Thomas

This donation is being made in honor of our Father, Thomas Linden who served in the Korean War. It is our Father’s Day gift to him. Dad went on the Honor Flight on May 14TH, 2016. he said it was one of the best days of his life, that he will always remember. We LOVE you, Dad!!
Your children

Lindenbach, Duane

We would like to thank The Stars and Stripes Honor Flight for taking Duane Lindenbach on his flight on June 11, 2016. He talked about it for a long time before and after the flight. The smiles and tears on his face when he returned and came through the airport we will never forget. It is an amazing time for a US Veteran to go on these flights!!! Thank you again for all your organization does.
Denice Gorecki, Dennis, Robert & David Lindenbach (Children of Duane)

Look, Robert

This is to honor the memory of Robert Look who loved our country and our President! Robert took great pride is being a WWII Veteran!
Karin LaFreniere

Look, Robert W

In recognition for Robert Look’s service in WWII. In sympathy, we salute him.
Walter, Gail & Michael LaFreniere

Losey, Douglas

This is being given in memory of Douglas Losey who served in the U.S. Navy on the USS Noa DD-841 during the Vietnam Era . Douglas was a man of great integrity, who loved his country and was so proud to serve in the Navy. Last year his son surprised him and had signed him up to be on the honor flight from Milwaukee to Washington D.C. The two of them had a trip filled with many emotions, stories and memories. The welcome they received upon landing in Milwaukee was one unlike most Vietnam soldiers never had . Remembering Douglas for the love he had for his country and family.
Cathy and Dave

Lunde, Carson

In honor of a life well lived.
Gerry Olley and Darice Topolski

Lynott, Paul

Paul recently passed away and thought this was a great way to honor him and his service to our country.
Dawn Seufzer

McBride, Lisa

Donation made by the family and friends of Lisa McBride in honor of her service in the United States Army.
Roy McBride

McMahon, David James

’Skip’ McMahon, US Navy
Bernie and Jane Dolan

Mehl, Ronald

In memory of a life well lived.
Julie and Todd Bartelt

Mertens, Fred

With thanks for Freds years of service.
Family friend
In honor of Fred Mertens for all his contributions to his country, his community, his church, and his family.
Charlotte Smith
In honor and memory of a Veteran and beloved father.
Eugene and Sue Gilbertson

Mertens Jr., Fred William

In loving memory of Fred William Mertens Jr. You were a devoted and loving husband, father and grandfather. Thank you for bringing so many amazing people into this world. And thank you for your service to our country.
Kara Marie DeVita & Jonathan Lashua

Mertens, Jr., Fred

In memory of Fred Mertens, Jr.
Conrad and Jeanne (Polaski) Holling

Mertens, Jr., Fred W.

Remembering Uncle Fred with love, always.
Your loving nephew and family.

Mertens, Jr., Free

In memory of Fred Mertens, Jr.
Tom and Cora Peters

Mesarich, Jim

In honor of Jim Mesarich Vietnam Veteran 7/26/1947 - 8/27/2019, he served his country and loved his country.
Jim Mesarich Memorial Golf Outing Proceeds

Miley, George

In memory of George P. Miley
Mike & Colleen Fitzgerald and Family
Your great service to our country and dedication to the Marine Corp will never be forgotten.
The Wetzel Family
Thank you for your service. Rest In Peace George.
Family friend
In memory of George Miley, a beloved husband, father, and grandfather. He will be missed by so many.
Randy and Lynne DeLaura
Donating in honor of a great life. George Miley A great man!
Norm & Juli Schultz
In loving memory of George P. Miley of Menomonee Falls, WI, a role model and friend.
The Nelson Family

Miller, Benjamin

In honor of Benjamin and his devotion to his family.
Mike and Randi and family

Moede, John

Thank you for service in Vietnam
Your loving family

Mueller, Bob

Bob was a true leader and great boss. He will be missed.
Jenny and Joe Feuling

Mueller, Robert

Bobby was a good Army soldier, who loved God, his family & friends and America.
Tom Semrad

Olson, Harris

In memory of a very proud World War Two veteran.
Jane Sheehan

Olson, Harris “Ole”

I knew Ole as the father of a dear friend as I was growing up and through more recent decades. A true one of a kind character, filled with energy and good humor. One of his fondest memories was experiencing an honor flight, so I am pleased to support your service to our veterans.
Gail Naruo

Ove, Amber

In memory of Amber Ove for her dedication to family, community, and faith.
Rick and Jackie Ove

Patnode, Lorne

Dad didn’t make it to his flight, so I’d like to make a contribution in his name.
His daughter, Sue


In memoriam of Paul Petrie, an army vet and honor flight participant.
Kathy and Mike

Petrie, Paul

In honor of your loved one, we have sent a contribution to the Stars & Stripes Honor Flight Of Wisconsin.
Grob Inc

Phillips, Art and Chris

Happy 50th Anniversary!
Steph, Joe, Maria and families

Pinnow, Ervin

We are grateful for Erv’s service in the Coast Guard transporting troops and equipment aboard LST-262 at Omaha Beach during the D-Day invasion. He was excited and grateful for the opportunity to go on an Honor Flight some years ago from Milwaukee, Erv passed away on June 1, 2020 at the age 97. Erv, you have earned a well deserved rest in the Lord’s hands.
Fred & Carol Wolfgram
In memory of Ervin R Pinnow
Waukesha Metal Products
In loving memory.
Dave and Kathy Pinnow
You never walk alone.
Mike and Deb Moran
In Loving Memory
Sarah Bartlein
My dad was a WWII Coast Guard Veteran. He was on LST 262 and was in the Normandy invasion . When I was a 13 or 14 yrs old I used to ask him what he did and where he was, all I got was tidbits. We did not talk about it for a lot of years and I and brothers and sisters tried to get him on the Honor Flight to DC. The answer was always I did not do anything . Everyone brought it up until my brother Dave got a yes and went with him, What a surprise he got when he came back to the Milwaukee Airport. He found out he did make a difference. Over the years since when I called got more info about what he did during the war and talked about my Navy escapades. I am glad I found a lot more about my Dad thanks to Honor Flight.
Jeff Pinnow

Pinnow, Ervin R.

Thank you for your service.
On behalf of the Mazur/Jung families.

Piontkowski, John

Thank you for your service to our nation and for everything you did for SSHF. You will be greatly missed.
Mark Stolaski
Thank you for your service and all you did for SSHF. Rest in peace.
Pat & Patti Horne
Go rest high on that mountain. Your work on Earth is done.
Craig & Mary Shimetz

Piontkowski, John (Stash)

He served with pride and dignity.
an old friend

Pluer, Clarence

In Memory of Clarence Roy Pluer. Thank you for your service in World War II.
The Devlins

Pluer, Clarence R

I’m making a donation in loving memory of Clarence R Pluer. Proud veteran, loving father of Robin Pluer.
Kelly A Devlin

Potter, Bob

In memory of Bob Potter a fellow Vet and special person.
Colleen, Rick and Joey

Pryor, Donald

The Rebel’s Fastpitch organization would like to make this donation in honor of Veteran Don Pryor of Jackson, WI. We hope that this donation will help to reward veterans with day of honor in Washington DC.
Richfield Rebels Fastpitch Softball

Quarterman, Donald

In loving memory of Uncle Don. Thank you for serving our country during Vietnam War. We are so glad you were honored on your special flight. You showed great support to your fellow veterans. We are proud of you for your commitment to our freedom. You will always be in our hearts! God bless you! Rest In Peace ??
Rick and Linda Sierocuk



Quarterman, Donald

In Memory of his service.
Joanne & Mike Haney

Quarterman, Donald Lee

In memory of Donald’s life
Kenneth and Cynthia Wick

Rachoner, Keith

In honor and memory of my true American hero and Dad.
Your Loving Daughter

Radtke, Chester

Chester was a great American Patriot who served his country during a very dangerous and historical time. He went on to live a long prosperous life in which many do not get to experience. As I am sure he will not be forgotten, thank you Chester Radtke for your service to our country.
The Rife family..

Rasich, George

As a World War 11 Veteran who took his honor flight in 2013 and so proudly wore the shirt presented to him at that time until the shirt just could not take another washing. He directed his daughters to never throw it away and they obliged as they tried to get him a new one for fathers day. Making a call to Debbie and then to Barb, a new shirt and a jacket were hand delivered to this hero. A fathers day complete! Thank you for your assistance in making this mans heart full.
Cathy Anderson

Rauguth, Robert

This donation is in the name of Bob Rauguth. Bob served in the Korean war and passed away 6/23/2020 at age 90. He was never able to take part in a Honor Flight, but we know he would have loved it. We hope this donation will be used to help other Veterans enjoy this wonderful experience. Sincerely, The Family of Bob Rauguth
Family & Friends of Bob

Reilly, George

In memory of Carleen’s father.
Jerry & Tracy Bull & Family

Reilly, Robert G

In memory of Robert Reilly who proudly served for 20 years in the US Navy enlisting in 1948 retiring as a Boatswain Mate First Class. Bob was able to take the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight in 2013 and described it as the Best Trip ever.
His son-in-law, Scott Bull’s employer; Calwis Company.

Reynolds, Mary and Tim

In honor of the marriage of 2 wonderful people, Mary and Tim.
The Kozinski’s

Rivera, Julio

In Honor of Julio Rivera, a loving, friendly and welcoming neighbor to everyone. He was always smiling, fun to be around and made the best margaritas! He was loved by everyone and will be deeply missed.
The neighborhood
In memory of Julio Rivera
Tom and Vicky Mason

Robinson, Chester

This tribute is in memory of Chester Robinson who took his honor flight trip with his son Michael Robinson in June of 2014. As Chester said it is a welcome home that he will never forget. My family felt that we wanted part of his memorial fund to go to the Honor Flight in his name. Thank you for what you do.
Memorial Fund & family in Chester Robinson’s name

Roskopf, Anthony

In memory and honor of Anthony "Tony" Roskopf who served as a radar repair technician in the Army during the Korean War. Tony was recently honored as the 7,000th Veteran to take a Stars and Stripes Honors Flight from Milwaukee. Tony passed away on November 9, 2020 - just two days before Veteran’s Day and the day we honor all Veterans for their service. We thank Tony for his service to our country. Tony was also a dedicated family man and successful businessman who will be missed.
Greg and Jynine Strand

Roskopf, Anthony J. “Tony”

In loving memory.
The Lorenz Family

Roskoph, Tony

Thank you Tony for your sacrifice and a job well done. God Bless You, may you rest in peace.
Wayne & Bonnie Fabiszak

Sapienza, Peter

In honor of my father’s service in the US Navy and the honor flight we took together in November 2018
Daughter Anne

Schloerke, Kenneth

In memory of Ken Schloerke who recently died at age 100. He was a U.S. Marine.
Mark and Jenny Kopetsky

Schmidt, Jr., Carl

It is with pride I give Carl Schmidt, Jr, an honored and decorated Vietnam veteran, a final salute. His 28 years service with the U.S. Army is a tribute to patriots everywhere. Thank you Carl and may your place in the hall of heroes be forever remembered. Godspeed and God Bless your family.
Howard A. Hadley, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

Schmidtke, Lyle

Lyle was a Veteran of the US Army. He traveled to Washington D.C. on the Honor Flight with his son. Lyle passed away on October 18th 2020. This donation is in memory of Lyle.
Chris and Debbie Hunker
You will be missed by many. Rest in peace.
Mark Kranz
In loving memory of Lyle Schmidtke, with thanks for his dedicated service during the Korean War.
Danette and Terry
Lyle Schmidtke passed away on October 18, 2020 at the age of 84. He proudly serviced his country during the Korean War. May he rest in peace. Love Mark & Rita
Mark & Rita Bachman
We make this donation in tribute of Lyle Schmidtke, North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, who served his country honorably.
Doug & Carrie Bull
In loving memory.
Brad and Katie Mills
May God hold you close until we all meet again.
The Demboski’s
You will be missed by many but not forgotten.
Niece, Barb Zimmerman
In memoriam of Lyle R. Schmidtke - Thank you for your service and may you rest in peace.
Alison & Paul Serio
May this donation help future veterans take the Honor Flight to Washington DC, when it is safe to do so. Lyle proudly served in the US Army and was in the Korean War. He was fortunate to be able to go to Washington DC and visit the war memorials. Thank you, Uncle Lyle, for your service. You will be greatly missed by your family and friends. Love Jim & Phyllis Zabransky, Kyle Pajala, Kerri Komorowski, Phil and Kim Thompson
Phyllis (Jim) Zabransky, Kyle Pajala, Kerri Komorowski, Kim (Phil) Thompson
In loving memory
Janet Schneider

Schmitt, John

John was a wonderful neighbor and friend.
The Hills
Forever my hero.
Reagan Zimmerman

Schmitt, John R

John was a good man taken too soon. He loved life, his country, and, most of all, his wonderful family. This modest donation is meant to honor a great guy who otherwise lived a quiet life. His memory will live on, even as we grieve his passing.
Greg Hatt
In loving memory of Uncle John
Mary & Jeff

Schmitt, John R.

May you Rest in Peace, Uncle Johnny.
Rachel and Pat Schneider

Schmitt Jr, Carl

In loving memory
Catherine Krug

Scott, Clarence

In memory of my Grandpa Scott who proudly fought in WWII. He was very lucky to have had the opportunity to take an Honor Flight before his passing 5 years ago. We would love to help send someone else in his memory.
Erin and Crew

Seeke, Rodney W.

In loving memory of Rod Seeke, USMC Korea 1951-1953. He was on the Honor Flight Nov. 2, 2013 and loved every minute of it. He’d be happy to know that we are donating to help send fellow veterans on the Honor Flight. Rod passed away May 29, 2020.
Your loving family and friends

Slown, John F.

In memory of John F. (Jack) Slown, WWII Army veteran who was blessed to attend the Chicago Honor Flight on April 10, 2019. It was an amazing experience to add to a lifetime of wonderful memories. Jack passed peacefully on July 2, 2020, just one month after his 70th wedding anniversary with his lifelong love, Joan. He lived 94 years and will be remembered with admiration and love by all who knew him. Rest in Peace, Uncle Jack! Love, Nonno
His niece, Ellen Haupt Myers

Smith, Bob

In honor of a loving vet who I watched come of the plane a few years ago with a sparkle in his eyes that was so special. Heaven has gained a wonderful man.
Katie and Pete Jelacic

Smith, Robert S.R.

In loving memory of Bob Smith who passed away September 7th, 2020. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and friend. He was also a proud Navy veteran. He will be greatly missed.
Mark Hanson & Michael Grover

Spalding, Gordon

In honor and memory of Gordon (Gordie) J. Spalding for his service to our country. We are personally grateful for the years we got to enjoy with him. He will always be that very special man in our lives.
Hannah, Kelsey, Cindy and Tom Conlin

Speerbrecher, Norman

In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Your loving family and friends.
In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Employees of Cedarburg Light & Water Utility
In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Cedarburg Light & Water Utility Commission
In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Employees of Cedarburg Light & Water Utility
In memory of Norman Speerbrecher
Denise Victor

Stangel, Gregory

In memoriam Gregory Stangel US Marine Corp
John & Mandy Schindler

Stollenwerk, Erwin

To our Dad who served in WWII in the U.S. Navy. We were so proud of him!
Family and friends of Erwin Stollenwerk
In memory of Erwin Stollenwerk, WWII Navy Veteran. May you rest in peace and honor with your fellow seamen.
John & Ann Lamoureux

Sweeney, John

In honor of my father.. 24 years of service

Theisen, Don

In memory of a true gentleman who always had a smile for everyone!
Terry and Gary Giovanelli
In memory of a great friend & classmate
Karen Uselding

Theisen, Donald

In memory of Honor Flight recipient, Don Theisen.
Kim Boggs
Thank you,
Richard Beimborn
A true good soldier. He recently passed away after leading a good life with his family, job, and family.
Marge and Dan Burke your friends.

Theisen, Donald R

Wonderful man
Judy Noren

Theisen, Donald R.

In honor of Don’s years of service to our country and community.
Helen and Bill

Thielen, William

In memory of William Thielen who passed away on April 20, 2020. He was fortunate enough to go on the honor flight with his daughter Jayne Daft in 2011.
Bill & Patty Bieneman

Thiesen, Donald

Don Theisen one of our many heroes
Mary And Fernando Gonzalez

Tutas, Paul

In memory of Paul "Butch" Tutas.
Mary Dickey & family
With sincere condolences
John & Anne Reilly

U.S. Probation, Veterans

The U.S. Probation Office would like to thank their veterans with a tribute made in their honor to commemorate Veterans Day 2020. We thank you and all who have served.
U.S. Probation Office - Eastern District of Wisconsin

Voelker, Robert

This tribute is in honor of Sgt. Robert J. Voelker. On May 11, 2019, Robert Voelker took his Honor Flight with his daughter Tammy Voelker. Up until my father’s last days he would always talk about the special day that he had with the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. My father was a Marine in the Vietnam War. My father never spoke of his time as a Marine up until this special day, I got to hear a story about my dad’s time in the war. My father passed away on April 11, 2020, today November 2, 2020 is my father’s 75th Birthday. Today in his honor Robert’s wife Charlene and his children Shaun, Dean, and Tammy donate $400.00 in his honor. We hope to give another veteran the honor of having this opportunity to go on the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, so they can experience this joy and have this memory of such an amazing day that they can share with family and friends just as my father did. Thank you Stars and Stripes!
Charlene, Shaun, Dean and Tammy Voelker. And from his grandkis Noah and Connor.
In Memory of Robert Voelker
Corey Evinrude

Voight, Walter

Thank you for your service, sir. Rest in peace.
Dan & Sherri Guendert
In memory of Wally, and in gratitude for his service to our country. Rest in Peace, Wally.
Holly Szablewski & Barb Newhouse

Volm, Alois

Jack was a WWII Navy veteran who flew on the May 2010 Honor Flight from Milwaukee. We had to convince him that he should go - being one of ’The Greatest Generation’ veterans, he never thought he should get that opportunity. His escort for the day was an Army Colonel who took him in his wheelchair to all of the site visits. Jack was so happy when he returned and his kids met him at the airport along with all the other vets. Jack passed away on September 3, 2020 and was 98 years old. We were so blessed to have him as long as we did and he often talked about how honored he was to go on that honor flight in 2010. Thank you for continuing to give all veterans the opportunity to go on these flights and give them the recognition they so deserve.
The Volm Family - Nancy, Tom, Bill & Mary

Waldron, Ed

Dad I donated check for you and your service. From your son Eric Waldron.
Eric Waldron
Dad this is for you and your service. From your son Eric Waldron.
Eric Waldron

Wallner, Edward

In loving memory of Grandpa Eddie. One of the finest men ever. We’ll miss you!
The Greene’s and Milner’s
In fond memory of Edward Wallner
The Abplanalp Family
Terrific family man and gentleman.
Judy Greene

Walton, Charlie

In honor of Charlie’s selfless volunteerism in the "No Veteran Dies Alone" program

Wurtz, Eugene

This donation is in celebration of Eugene’s 88th birthday! His daughter, Debby Wurtz Wegner recently hosted a Color Street Nail Bar with me. I made this a fundraiser for Stars and Stripes Honor Flight and offered to donate my entire commission from my party to this amazing organization.
Nailed It by Nicole and Debby Wurtz Wegner

Zarletti, Rudy

In memory of Uncle Rudy. Thank you for your service and for the joyful spirit you always showed. Our sympathies to your family.
Mike & Lynne Zimmermann and family