Albertin, Harvey

In memory of Harvey F. Albertin - Honor Flight, August 28, 2021 (Alpha)
Tom Albertin (son)

Arbinger, Frank

A Great Man and Uncle to Me.
Dennis J. Wilinski
In Memory of Frank Arbinger. Thank you Frank for your Service.
Mark and Jackie Brockdorf
In loving memory of Frank Arbinger.
Roy and Joan Rice
In memory of Frank Arbinger.
Dave & Cindy Spitzner

Arbinger, Frank J.

In memory of
Mike Ryterski

Armstrong, Thomas H.

Thank you for your friendship, I will miss you.
Kathy Stecker

Armstrong Sr., Thomas

In memory of Tom Armstrong Sr.
The Urbanek Family
In memory of Thomas Armstrong Sr. and his legacy of family and faith.
Tracy Modjeski

Attendees, Airport

To all those who show up to honor these veterans at our airports. Not just those who know these veterans by name, but also the many others who know them only as their American heroes. Their presence is priceless!
Airport Attendees

Backes, Casey (Clarence)

In memory of a kind and loving gentleman Ret. Col. USAF Casey (Clarence) M. Backes.
The Smasal Family

Bauer, Roger

I was able to accompany my dad, Roger Bauer, on an honor flight in November. It was a life changing moment (for both of us) but was able to heighten my appreciation for his service during the Vietnam war. The honor flight was an amazing way to honor his service as well and provide the appreciation he may not have appropriately received during wartime. The impact I saw the honor flight have on him as well as many of the other veterans on the flight was moving. I thank him and the veterans that have received or need to receive their due respect for their service.
Tyson Bauer

Beck, Roy

This donation is to honor Roy E. Beck
Indiana Farmers Insurance

Becker, Thomas

Your Legacy will not be forgotten. God speed.
Marc Messinger & Laurie Pung
In memory of Thomas A. Becker, a US Army Veteran
Christine Hoxworth
Thanks Tom for your service and for being a great friend and neighbor for the past 39 years.
Jon & Pam Magalska
Tom, your presence in our family will be missed. God’s Speed
Dianne and Mike Myers
In loving memory of Tom Becker. You will always be my “Uncle Tom”! Heaven gained a great, loving and funny soul! We miss you greatly…our memories will hold us over until we meet again!
Amy & Alan Anderson and Family
In memory of Mr Becker and his service to his grateful country.
Kathleen Pape
In memory of Tom Becker
In memory of Tom who served his country and was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and friend.
Judie Finnegan
With sincerest sympathy to the family.
A loving memory for our friend Tom! You may be gone from us, but never forgotten! Rest in peace!!
Jaeger, Franks, & Tuhy families!
Tom was a caring and loving person who served our country.
Love. Kathy and Jerry
We thank you for your service. I hope to help others just as you did for our country.

Becker, Thomas A.

In Memory of Thomas A Becker for his service to our country
Mary Ann Hamill

Becker, Tom

I will always remember Tom as one of the most helpful neighbors I’ve ever had. He was so generous with his time and mechanical know-how. He especially helped me manage the trees in my yard to the point that we joked that they were "his trees." Tom was fun to talk with, and I enjoyed his viewpoints and humor. I will miss him. Tom, may you rest in peace.
Lynn Truppe
Thank you for your service, Tom. It was an incredible experience to welcome all the honorees back home after the flight and an exceptional privilege to have been included in yours alongside your family. RIP my friend, you will be missed.
Lisa Brue

Bichler, Thomas

In loving memory of an honorable man with a huge heart and amazing family.
Chad and Toni Hendrickson
In loving memory of Tom Bichler
Kathy & Chad Bubeck

Bichler, Thomas D.

In memory of Thomas D. Bichler
Bill & Paula Hilbert

Bohrman, John

John was an amazing person and will truly be missed.
Family friend

Bohrman, John (Jake)

In memory of a special family friend and Vietnam veteran.
Karen Larsen

Bohrman, John Henry

In memory of John Henry Bohrman who faithfully served his country and will now serve God in Heaven.
Your friend, Cindy Greco

Bowden Boyle, Richard and Jill

In honor of your wedding - wishing you many happy years together!
Jeroen and Lori Valensa

Burns, Terrance

In loving memory of Terry’s service in Vietnam. Passed away 10/23 this year.
Chickens 4 Charity

Christofferson, Pete

To Pete Christofferson, a proud US Navy Veteran. He was able to participate in a Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, which meant so much to him. May we all continue to remember Pete and serve others as he did.
Krissy Braun

Christofferson, Peter

To honor Peter Christofferson who served in the US Navy during WWII until his honorable discharge in 1946. Peter passed away on October 4, 2023 at the age of 101.
Steve and Sandy Tyler
This donation is being made in honor and memory of Peter Christofferson. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWII until his honorable discharge in 1946. He proudly took the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight on November 4, 2011. He died on October 4, 2023.
Judy Braun

Cocking, Michael

My Deepest Sympathy to the family of Mike.
Mary K Schmidt
In honor of your service and friendship.
Gary $ Terri Schildt
For a life well lived!
Timothy R Van Harpen
Mike was a great man and dearly loved by his family. He served our country and was a great husband, father, grandfather and friend. He will be missed by all.
Brad, Lynette, Matt and Katie
Thank you for your service. May God bless you and your family
Suzanne Chavin

Cocking, Michael P.

Thank you, Mike, for serving our country as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps flying the Phantom F-4 and for being a great neighbor. We will miss you.
Tom & Julie Froelich

Cocking, Mike

Once a Marine, always a Marine.
Phil, Pam, Laura, and Liz
In honor of your life and service to your country.
Ed and Lisa Boris
You and your service will always be remembered and appreciated. Sympathies to Meghan and her family.
Donna Drosner

Conran, Tom

To Grandpa Conran. We miss you!
Your family

Cramer, Russ

Dear Russ, Thank you for the opportunity to work with you as we are Blessed to know you. Thank you for your service to our Country and to Crossroads. The best to you and Mary Lou with your heath.
Russ Cramer
Thank you for all your years of service on FMT. Your knowledge and thoughtfulness have been a blessing. And thank you for your service to our country.
Michael Davis

Cramer, Russel

To honor Russ Cramer, a true patriot, for his work for the Crossroads Church Finance committee and his military service.
Bob Anderson

Cramer, Russell

Russ, Thank you for your service to our country. We owe our freedom to the veterans like you who have served our country bravely and honorably in war and peace. I salute you.
Mark Laux

Cudahy, Jim

In memory of James Cudahy, USMC
Glen & Linda Prochnow

Curler, Earl

Earl did this flight. He said he would never forget that trip. It was truly an awesome experience. He has since passed on and his children have decided to make this donation so some other veteran will enjoy the same experience he did.
The family of Earl Curler

Demler, Joe

In Honor and memory of a humble Hero and special friend. I’m so grateful for all the airport hugs, car rides, book signings, special tour, lunch chats, belly laughs and so much more! I cherish and remember you forever.
Heather Tumianiec

Derusha, Gary

In memory of Gary, who swrved in the Air Force enlisting 1984 was a husband, father of a son Justin and Daughter Sarah. HE passed away July 11, 2023 at the young age of 62. Served his country and was a true Packer Fan.
Tim and Brenda Peterson

DiVincenzo, Roy

In Loving Memory, Dear Uncle and Godfather
Loving Niece

Doll, Arthur

In loving memory of Arthur Doll
Yurjevich Fanily
Our father served his country with honor in the Korean war.
Your Loving Family
In memory or Arthur

Drenzek, Ronald

In honor of your selfless service to our nation and to your family and in memory of all those who gave their last full measure of devotion. We are all in your debt. Happy 94th birthday!
Jennifer Anderson

Eldredge, John

In honor of John Eldredge who served in the Army in Germany after WW2.
Alan and Mary Jo Karnath

Fahrendorf, Peter

In honor of Lieutenant Fahrendorf’s selfless, brave, and heroic sacrifice for our country.
Grateful Friends

Fellenz, Jack

In honor of Jack Fellenz
Jack’s Many Friends
My eldest cousin, an honorable man!
Cousin Sue Schoenknecht Easterday (spouse John Easterday)
We sure will miss him.
Marv and Barb Lesch

Foeckler, Allan J.

In memory of a wonderful person!
Marlene’s friend

Frisch, Henry

Rest in peace Henry!
Paul and Janine Prill

Galipo, Salvatore

In memory of Salvatore Galipo
Michael and Carmella Di Motto
In loving memory of Uncle Sal
Melissa Di Motto and Steve Garczynski

Goldammer, Luverne

Thank you for your service to our country, your friends and your family
In loving memory. Your loving friends and family

Gray Sr, Kenneth

This Christmas as we look back to all the wonderful things that have happened over the past several years, the Honor Flight was one of the best! I’m so grateful to the folks that put this together and that you were able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Such precious memories were made on this trip and I couldn’t think of a better organization to donate to this Christmas! Love you more than you know!
On behalf of Sandy Gray

Gruszynski, Howard

Merry Christmas
Love, Karen

Hafercorn, Dave

In memory of Dave Hafercorn. Rest in peace my friend.
Dean and Lisa Sternad

Hafercorn, Sr., David

In honor and memory of our friend, "Wally" - Our thanks for your service, dear friend, and for all the memorable moments we spent with you - car trips and shows, parties and more. Until we meet again . . .
Dave and Colleen S.

Haferkorn, David

Thank you for your service! We are truly honored to have known you and to be part of your family. I have the utmost respect for you and always looked up to you. You have touched the lives and hearts of many and will be greatly missed, but rest assured you will never be forgotten. May you forever rest in peace as you have more than earned that. Godspeed "Grandpa Dave" With Love, The Bell Family
Bob Bell
In honor of our very special Uncle Dave. He was a kind & generous man who will be sadly missed.
Nephew, Gene Terranova (Bonnie)

Haferkorn Sr., Dave

He was just happy on the Honor Flight 5/20/2023. He was laid to rest in his shirt and jacket from Stars and Strips Honor Flight. Thank You!!

Hammes, James

Thank you for your service!
Chris, Jasmin, Will & Adele

Hein, Arnold

in memory of

Heinz, William

Thank you Dad for your service in WWII.
Natalie Longworth

Hetzel, John

Thank you for your service and dedication. Thank you for all your hard work, commitment and love to our family.
Dave & Aleese Beeler

Hetzel, Lawrence

This donation is honor of our Vietnam Veteran father. He was a part of mission 63 and it was the best day ever! Thank you for providing this opportunity to our veterans!
Aaron and Amy

Hoffmann, Marvin O.

Uncle Marvin. A sincere thank you for your service to our country and your community.
David Schellinger

Huth, James

In memory of Jim Huth and the service he has made for our country, and his love and dedication to his family.
The "Core 3" in Germantown, WI.
In honor and memory of James Huth who served his country.
Anna Pludeman

Huth, James W

Jim will certainly be missed for his wonderful sense of humor, love of people and kindness. I’m so glad all of you could spend Thanksgiving together.
Linda and Chip Johnson

Huth, Jim

In honor of Jim Huth our loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather
memorial donations from family and friends

Jill Boyle, Richard Bowden

Wishing you both many years of happiness!
Neil & Lynn Keller

Johnson, Harold J.

For Harold who was an honorable man who was devoted to our country, his family, and his friends. We salute you!
Vicki & Tom Jasper

Kania, Butch

In memory of a good friend
Mark and Patti

Karpinski, Harry

In memory of Harry Karpinski, who served our country in the Army.
Maribeth Karpinski Bible Study Group
In loving tribute to Harry Karpinski
Pamela Zacharias
In memory of Harry Karpinski who served in the Army.
Scott and Ann Linskens
In memory of Harry and his service to our country in Korea.
Dee Borkovec
Harry Karpinski, a steadfast veteran of the Korean War, epitomized bravery and dedication in defense of freedom. The challenges and sacrifices he faced in the "Forgotten War" remain etched in the hearts of those who value freedom. In honor of Harry’s unwavering service, a donation has been made to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. This gesture signifies our deep respect and ensures that the sacrifices of heroes like him never fade into oblivion. To Harry and all Korean War veterans: your valor is forever remembered. This contribution stands as a testament to our enduring gratitude and reverence.
Jonathan & Faith Siegler
Thank you for your service to our contry.
Lindner & Marsack, S.C.
In loving memory of Harry Karpinski
The Charbonneau Family

Kiernan, Irene

On behalf of Milwaukee County Firefighter Tim Burgess’ grandmother
Milwaukee County Fire Department Local 1072

Kliese, Debbie

With respect and admiration for Debbie’s dedication to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight and our military veterans. You are my Hero!
Loretta and Bob Mantz

Koenings, Thomas

Honor my father who served in the Vietnam War and passed away before he could do this.
Tony Koenings

Koziol, Lawrence

For your service in the Army during the Vietnam War.
Rosemary Bayzer

Kramer, David

In honor of David Kramer and his service to our nation, his service to other veterans.
Scott & Rachel Larson
A donation in Dave’s honor
Tim & Wendy Olson
Dave was a good man & a great friend to many. He will be missed
Jeff Christiansen
To a friend who, in many ways, give himself to his country. Proud to have known Him. Semper Fi
Bob Hare
In honor of your service to our country, and to a life well-lived.
Theresa & Ron Allen

Kurz, Harvey

In Honor and memory of one of my favorite rock stars in all the world! All the airport hugs, car rides, tours, chats and laughs are etched in my heart forever!
Heather Tumianiec

LaCasse, Terrance

In loving memory of our wonderful friend Terry, a great Christian, husband, father and patriot. We are grateful for and blessed by your life of faith, fidelity and service.
Paul and Susan Lavrakas

LaCasse, Terrance P

In memory of a good friend.
Alan M. Levy

LaCasse, Terrance P.

In Memory of Terry.
Edward J. Holland

LaCasse, Terry

Donations from Terry’s friends and family at his funeral. Terry’s trip on the Honor Flight was very meaningful to him.
Friends and family
In loving memory of Terry LaCasse
Larry and Eileen Dean
This donation is to honor the legacy of Terry LaCasse. He was a wonderful family man, and will be greatly missed by all.
Craig and Janelle Dachtera
This donation is in memory of Terry LaCasse who served honorably in the U.S. Army was able to go on an honor flight recently.
Peter and Elaine McGillivray
In memory of Terry LaCasse, he loved Jesus, his family and his country.
Rick & Shelley Mathison
In memory of Terry whose life was filled with love and service to others.
Pat Jones-Hermerding
In memory of Terry LaCasse
Tom and Jill Budnik
In loving memory of Terry LaCasse.
John & Brenda Hone
In honor of Terry LaCasse a veteran and a life well lived!
Mike and Jean Goodstein
In memory of Terry
Matt and Becky Lince

Lacasse, Terry

In memory of my late friend
Elliot Alderman

LaCasse, Terry

A wonderful human being and a great friend
Rich and Marge Leclaire
In honor of Terry LaCasse- Thank you for your service to our country!
The Office Technology Group

Lannin, Julia

In memory of my Mother, Julia Lannin who was a member of the Army Corps of Nurses overseas during WWll. Proud of you Mom!

Linden, Thomas

In honor of your service and your birthday, we thought this would be nice way to celebrate YOU!
Kathy, Deb and Rose

Loden, Jim

Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Home of the free because of the brave. Love you!!!
Mike & Penny

Macpherson, William

This donation is in the memory of William Macpherson. Before his death, he had the opportunity to enjoy an honor flight and had a great time. We want to make sure more deserving individuals are able to enjoy this opportunity as well.
The family of William Macpherson
In memory of William Macpherson.
Mark Eggert

Maves, Dr.Stephanie and Jeff

Donation made as a gift for Dr. Stephanie Maves and Jeff Maves
Dale Novak and Patty Sullivan

Mcgill, Roy

Happy 80th Birthday Roy.
The Nagel Family

McGill, Roy

Roy mcgill
Jenna, Michael, Margo and June Haeberle
Thank you for your service. Happy 80th Birthday Roy! Wishing you happiness health & wealth in your new year. Hope you enjoy your day!???
Rebecca LeRoux
Happy Eightieth Birthday, Roy! We thank you for your service and wish you many blessings on your special day!
Ken and Beckey
Thank you to the honor flight crew for allowing our brother and uncle to be able to go on this wonderful journey.
Eula, Brent, Judy, Brenda Brian & family, Becky , Dan & family
In honor of Roy McGill
Ken and Kathy Knitter

McWilliams, Duane "Buster"

Buster will always be remembered for being a great neighbor and friend. Our family recalls the many camping trips, BBQ’s, friendly chats, Boy Scouting events, neighborhood get togethers and his willingness to help out a neighbor. The neighborhood kids loved when he walked his dog as he would stop just so they had a chance to pet it. Thanks Buster for all the great memories and for serving our country as a great Marine, Boy Scout Leader and Neighbor.
Laurayne Dobson, Shellie & Bill Gotham, Robin & Ken Ristau, Bob & Kristel Dobson, Roger & Rachelanne Dobson, Lila Schwenk, Kurt Schwenk & Dria Wolff

Michels, Richard

In loving memory
Persich family
In loving memory of Richard Michels
Laura and Mike
In honor of Richard Michels, who served his country, and also his community. A very special man who brightened the lives of many people, never to be forgotten.
Tony and Jane

Michels, Richard "P-Ray"

In Memory of P-Ray Michels...
Tim + Lisa Kelley
In loving memory Richard Michels.
Ron & Ellen

Michels, Richard “P-Ray”

We thank you for your service and may you reset in peace.
Steve and Monica Conrad
Thank you for your service
Bob & Mary Biwersi

Michels, Richard (P-Ray)

This donation is in memory of P-Ray Michels, who was a veteran. He will be missed greatly by all those who knew and loved him, he was a very good man.
Denis & Karen Zyszkiewicz

Miller, Jesse

As another years passes in honor of my father we are donating a annual gift to your great Organization. As a member of your May 16th. 2015 Honor Flight my father was amazed at the trip he took to Washington DC. He was so grateful for what you do for all the Great Veteran of our County. He talked of this flight to everyone he knew. He passed away later that year of lung cancer. So in his honor to keep your commitment to continue to honor other Veteran’s we pass this give onto Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. Thank You, for all your organization does for the Veteran of the United States of America.

Molitor, Donald

In honor of Big D’s service to our country and for his grieving family during this sad time.
Pam & John Newman
In Honor of “Big D” (Don) Molitor. Thank you for your service. Thank you for raising a great family.
Beth and Bruce Clark

Molitor, Donald “Big D”

Donald W Molitor Korean War Airforce Veteran
Friend of Don’s family

Molitor, Donald W.

In honor of the Big Kahuna or Big D, Don Molitor was a wonderful father, husband, and friend. He always had a great big smile and a great big laugh, big D was always fun to have around. May God hold you in his loving arms and you rest in peace.
Linda and Duane Moore

Moore, Edmondal

Mary Jane Ratzburg

Nieskes, Edward

In memory of
Kenn & Maria Losacco
In appreciation of his military service
Nowacki Family
Mr. Nieskes is the great-grandfather of my great-niece and great-nephew. Those kids loved looking at old photograph albums with him, and they’re going to miss him and the stories he told.
Karen Rieger

Niewolny, Randall

In loving memory!
Laura Glawe
To honor the memory of Randy whose father Clarence took an Honor Flight.
James Himmelspach

Niewolny, Randy

In memory of a good, hardworking man, and loving father and husband.
The staff at Deer Creek Intermediate

Olsen, George

Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family, and our country.
Your Grateful Nephew

Olson, Harold

In Memorial
Dan and Gail Weigel

Palmer, Diane

In memory of Diane Palmer. A truly loving and caring woman. You will be missed.
Marie E. Kaysen

Pavlichek, Timothy

In memory of our friend
Chris and Kathy Kvasnica

Pfeifer, Bob

In honor of Bob Pfeifer
The Fox Family

Pfeifer, Robert

Thank you for your dedication to Stars and Stripes.
Fred and Marianne
In memory of Bob Pfeifer who gave his time, heart & soul volunteering for years with Stars and Stripes Honor Flight.
Jack & Diane Holzman

Pfiefer, Bob

RIP big brother.
Craig & Mary Shimetz

Price, Donald


Riley, Harold J

In Loving Memory of Harold J Riley forever in our hearts. You will be missed.
Juanita Karow, Dawn & Mike Worske, Greg & Kim Karow, Christine Karow

Roskopf, Louis

In memory of my dad who served during WW2.
Your Daughter

Rowley, Bob

Gramps, We miss you!
Your family

Savela, Robert

Dad was scheduled to take the flight on October 7th but unfortunately he passed away in July. I was to be his guardian. We were both so looking forward to it. This donation is in his memory.
Your loving daughter Shelley

Scharnell, Richard

In loving memory of my Uncle Dick. He will be missed.
Charlene & Jim Yauch

Schloss, Manfred

Happy 90th Birthday Dad! We want to honor you on your very special day as well as acknowledge your recent flight with Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. We are so happy you were able to participate in the momentous event. We want to celebrate you on such a wonderful occasion and wish you many more happy, healthy years to come. We love you and wish you a very happy birthday!!
Judy, Jeff and family
Dear Dad, We are so excited that you have been given the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. on the October 7th, 2023 Honor Flight. You are so deserving of this awesome experience! We want to extend our deepest gratitude for your service in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. Your dedication, commitment and loyalty to your country is greatly appreciated. We also want to tell you how much we love, admire and appreciate the wonderful person you are. Your love and devotion for your family is apparent in all you say and do. Thank you, again. Love, Cindy & Rick
Rick and Cindy

Schreiber, William

Thanking my father for his service in WW2. He flew June 8th, 2014 I think.
His son and family.

Schroeder, Mark

In loving memory of Mark F. Schroeder of Oconomowoc, WI
The Weitl & Coiner-Collier family of Charlotte, NC

Serath, Mark

Thank you for your service in the Marines. You will be missed and always remembered. We will have a toast to you with Diane at Kurt’s bar. Wish you were here with us but know you will be in spirit. Here’s to you Mark!
Kurt and Sweet Patti Kinateder
In loving memory of Mark Serath. May you rest in peace
The Myszewski and Glowacki Family
In honor of a great man who served his country and others.
Weiss Family
Mark, Our dear neighbor from the many years growing up on Oakdale Lane, thank you for serving our country. Rest in peace.
Jonathan & Karen Geiger
In loving memory of our brother and uncle. We love you so much.
Jean, Denise, Tracy and Brett
Our hearts are filled with sadness knowing that another marine has fallen but is now in God’s arms. Mark will truly be missed.
John & Laurie Brunner
Honoring Mark for his service in the United States Marine Corps!
Dave Hoag
In loving memory of Mark Serath. RIP
Karen and John Duffy
Thank you for your years of military service. The years of friendship watching our children grow up.
The Luczak Family: Ed, Beth Ben(Julie),Danielle(Mike) and Stacey(Aaron)

Simoneau, Ralph

It was an honor knowing you, Ralph.
Craig & Mary Shimetz

Simoneau, Ralph C. Simoneau

We remember Ralph Simoneau as a devoted United States Marine and a member of the greatest generation who served our country in World War II and helped lead us to victory. We honor him for his sacrifices and faithful service. We often saw Ralph in the VIP section at General Mitchell Airport during the Stars and Stripes Homecoming celebrations. He was one of the first to pay his respects to fellow veterans returning from their trip to Washington DC. Ralph has certainly earned his place in the honored ranks of the military, past and present. Rest in Pease brother and may God speed you on your final journey into paradise.
Howard Hadley (USAF), Dennis Ziebell (US Army) & Randy Zemel (USMC)

Sopata, Ronald

In memory of Ron Sopata’s exemplary service and great friendship.
Dorothy Gwozdz and Connie Gwozdz
Thank you for serving our country...and for being a friend to many. You will be missed
CarolAnne Bright
In honor of Major Sopata’s long and honorable service to our nation and his deep devotion to family, friends and community.
Brian Regan
Major Ronald Sopata spent his life in service of his country and spreading warmth and fellowship among his family and friends. He will be sorely missed by the people who knew him. A warrior finally at rest, a teacher to be remembered, a friend never to be forgotten.
Larry Livengood

Standish, Darrell

Darrell was a very patriotic American who served his country, his family and dearly loved the game of Baseball. He served on the Wisconsin State Youth Baseball League board for over 20 years and was always helping and serving kids through the great game of baseball most of his life. It is on the behalf of the WSYBL board that a donation is being made in his honor today.
KJ Bigler - WSYBL Commissioner

Starling, Rebecca

In lieu of Christmas gift
Miriam Cribbs

Tenpas, Barrie

In honor of the selfless, brave, and heroic sacrifice for our country. Thank you Mr. Tenpas!
Grateful Friends

Thiermann, Eugene

I feel very blessed to have known Gene, and his family. He was a wonderful man who was very proud to have served in the Coast Guard. Rest in peace dear friend.
Lynn Derlein

Thomas, Leo

Dedicated to his family, friends and country! We miss you.
Thomas Team- Wealth Enhancement Group

Tougas, Phil

Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Home of the free because of the brave. Love you!!!
Mike & Penny

Trzinski, Jim

Thank you Jim for your service to our country.
The Amherst Boots & Saddle Club members

Voigt, Elwood

To my dad who served in the Philippines right after WWII. Became detach and served as sports editor for Stars and Stripes as a buck private in charge of three Sargents. Was one of the last to leave the Philippines after typing up orders for the the army when they left the Philippines in 1946. He and four others were told to write the own orders home when they were done, going through Hawaii and San Francisco back to a small town of Ashkum Illinois.
His son Ron Voigt

Walls, Homer

In honor of Homer Walls who served in WWII
The Kronsnoble family

Wheeler, Betty

In loving memory of Betty Wheeler.
Barb Ewert
In memory of Betty Ann Wheeler
Friend of the family

Wheeler, Betty Ann

Peace to the Wheeler and Matthias families
In honor of
Alecka Weber

Wickert, Herschel

In memory
Sue and Tom Kotur

Williams, Alfred

This donation is dedicated to Alfred "Willie" Williams, who proudly served in the USN . Willie was grateful to have gone on the 2019 Flight of Champions and will appreciate knowing that others who served their country will have the opportunity to go on a Honor Flight of their own. Brian and Tammy Williams
Brian and Tammy Williams

Worm, Timothy

In loving memory. Semper fi
Family and friends

Worzalla, Ervin

In memory of a great father and Korean War Veteran who died too young to be able to be on an honor flight.
Ross Worzalla

Wurtz, Eugene

In memory of my dad, Gene Wurtz. We were on Mission 50, April, 2019. He spoke of his "day of honor" to everyone who would listen until the end of his days. Thank you for honoring my Korean War hero.
His loving daughter, Debby Wegner

Wusterbarth, John

In memory of John Wusterbarth, Air Force Veteran, dear friend, and man of God.
Derek & Lisa Decker
For a veteran and a life well lived.
Shear Magic girls

Zak, Ralph

In memory of my loving husband, Ralph, who served in the Army in the Korean War.
Dona Zak