Frequently Asked Questions

Who can go on a flight?

Veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and terminally ill veterans from other wars, are placed on our waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. Terminally ill veterans should contact us directly for specific instructions.

Can spouses also go on the trip?

We are unable to accommodate spouses unless they are eligible veterans themselves. Guardians are required to be one generation removed from the veteran. Learn more about guardian requirements here.

How much does it cost and who pays for the trip?

Our veterans have already sacrificed and given so much through their service to our country, therefore we feel they should not have to pay for the trip. All expenses for their Honor Flight are covered.

Flights are funded by donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other groups who wish to be an important part of honoring these heroes and recognize the need to get our veterans to see their memorial before it is too late. No funding is received from the government. Guardians pay a $500 guardian donation each for the honor of escorting a veteran to Washington DC.

Do veterans need to supply their own guardian?

No. A guardian will be provided for each veteran, unless a family member has sent in a guardian application requesting to fly with a specific veteran.

When and where do I pay my guardian donation?

Guardian donations are due once a guardian has been notified they are on a specific flight.

Guardian donations can then be paid:

  • Online here
  • Brought to the mandatory guardian training session
  • Mailed to: Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, PO Box 867, Menomonee Falls, WI 53052.
How do I get to the airport on flight day?

You are required to provide your own transportation to and from Mitchell Airport.

What form of identification is required to get through security at the airport?

A government issued photo ID with full name and DOB is required to get through security. This includes a driver’s license (can be expired for up to 1 year), passports or birth certificates if they have a photo identifying them. You can also go to the DMV and get a state issued ID.

Are meals served on the flight?

Breakfast is offered at the airport prior to boarding the plane. Lunch and dinner are provided during the trip.

What if I require a wheelchair or oxygen?

WHEELCHAIRS – A number of our veterans require wheelchairs, and our deluxe motor coaches are ordered based on how many require a wheelchair lift. We provide a wheelchair for each and every one of our veterans. If further information is needed, email us at

OXYGEN – Veterans requiring oxygen must bring their own oxygen concentrator including one fully charged extra battery, charging cable, and replacement tubing. Stars and Stripes Honor Flight will have a back up oxygen concentrator in the event the veteran’s device malfunctions.

Where can I send donations?

Donations can be mailed to PO Box 867, Menomonee Falls, WI 53052, or submitted online.  Details for each are located here.

When will I receive an acknowledgement for my donation?

Online – Donations receive an acknowledgement email – please check your inbox after submitting donations.

Checks – We like to aggregate all check donations for the month with the goal of sending out acknowledgements the middle of the following month. Although we would like to send out acknowledgments right away it is easier to manage on a monthly basis to ensure you receive an accurate acknowledgment.

Can I request special acknowledgements when making a donation?

Please fill out the tribute section when completing your online donation and it will be posted to our tribute page within a week.

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