We fly veterans out of Milwaukee, WI

You should send your application to the hub that is closest to you or the hub with the airport that is most easily accessible to you. All Wisconsin hubs work together to find the best fit for you. Here is a map divided by county to give you a better idea what hub would best meet your needs.

Lower Green is Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Inc. flying out of Milwaukee.

Other local hubs :

Blue is Freedom Honor Flight flying out of La Crosse.

Red is Badger Honor Flight flying out of Madison.

Yellow is Old Glory Honor Flight flying out of Appleton.

Upper Green is Never Forgotten Honor Flight flying out of Wausau

Orange is Honor Flight Northland flying out of Duluth, MN

Step One: Submit an Application to Fly


We are so excited that you are considering flying with us! We would be honored to give you the “Welcome Home” you truly deserve. Please fill out the application below.


If you would like to be a guardian for a veteran you already know, please fill out the application below. 

Step Two: Hurry Up and Get Ready

Now that you have applied to fly with us, we’d love for you to get involved in our mission while you wait for the big call. Learn more about how you can get involved and follow us on social media.

Step Three: Get the Call

Congrats on being selected to join us!



We have a special day in store for you and we are so grateful for the opportunity to honor you for all you’ve sacrificed.

Now that we’ve called and given you the good news, keep an eye on your email as will electronically send you all required waivers to the email address given during the call.


We are honored to give your veteran a day of honor and are so thankful for your participation as a guardian. Please keep an eye on your e-mail – add sshfnews@starsandstripeshonorflight.org as a contact to prevent missing any important updates. 

Step Four: Prepare for Take Off

 The big day is getting closer which means it is time to start getting ready!


Right now, all you’re responsible for is trusting that you are in good hands with both our organization and your guardian. Keep an eye on the countdown – your big day is right around the corner and we are so excited to share in it with you!


You should have received several e-mails fromsshfnews@starsandstripeshonorflight.org notifying you of Guardian Training and more. Reach out to your VET Team Member with questions regarding date, time, and location.

Step Five: The BIG Day

Today is your special day, the day you have been waiting for! Our team of volunteers and your guardian have worked hard to make sure your day goes smoothly – relax and soak it all in.

Step Six: Welcome Home!

Mission accomplished, welcome home! We could not be more excited to give you a true Stars and Stripes Honor Flight homecoming celebration. Our community will rally around you and celebrate you for all you’ve given. Soak in every second! 

Step Seven: Keep in Touch

Now that you are an honor flight veteran, you are in the family! We are a community built around honoring people like you, our veterans. To share your Flight Day story or see photos taken throughout the day by VIP Photography, please follow the links below.

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Inc.

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Inc. honors veterans with a life-changing trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials and experience a day of honor and thanks.

Dr. Ted O'Reilly

Dr. Ted O'Reilly