Frequently Asked Flight Day Questions

How do I get to the airport on flight day? Where do we park?

You are required to provide your own transportation to and from Mitchell Airport.

Getting dropped off? Use the Delta Airlines drop-off.

Driving and parking? Follow the signs to the Terminal Parking Garage and park in the Daily Parking area. Take the skywalk to check-in terminal, located on the 3rd floor of the parking garage. Parking is approximately $12.50 for 24 hours

When should we arrive at the airport?

Arrival times vary by tour.

Alpha tour should plan to arrive at the airport at 5AM.

Bravo tour should plan to arrive at the airport at 6AM.

When does our flight leave and when will we return?

Departure/Return times vary by tour.

Alpha tour typically departs MKE at 6:30AM and returns at 8PM.

Bravo tour typically departs MKE at 7:30AM and returns at 9:30PM.

It is important to note that these times are approximates and can flucuate based on many variables.

What form of identification is required to get through security at the airport?

A government issued photo ID is required to get through security. This includes a driver’s license (can be expired for up to 1 year), passports or birth certificates if they have a photo identifying them. You can also go to the DMV and get a state issued ID.

When will I receive my flight apparel?

Guardians who plan to attend training in-person will receive their apparel at that time. 

All other guardians can expect their apparel in the mail a few weeks before flight day.

Are meals served or do I need to pack my own lunch?

Breakfast is offered at the airport prior to boarding the plane. Lunch and dinner are provided during the trip.

We have loved ones meeting us in DC. How do we plan ahead?

Flight days operate on a loose schedule but can change at any time due to many variables including traffic, activity at memorials, weather, etc.

Let your bus captain know of your plans and be sure to let your loved one know that flexibility is key. We will do our best to keep you updated as the day progresses.

Homecoming Celebration

Spring 2022

  • As we are required to abide by any federal mandate regarding masking, masks may be required for attendance at our Homecomings (per federal mandate). If a federal mask mandate for airports is in effect, masks must be worn at all times in Mitchell Airport (except when actively eating or drinking). If an airport mask mandate is in effect and you are unable to wear a mask or if you are not willing to wear a mask, please do not attend the Homecoming at this time

  • Please attend the Homecoming for YOUR veteran. If your veteran is on the “alpha” plane, please plan to arrive at the airport at between 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. as the expected arrival of the alpha plane is approximately 7:50 p.m.  If your veteran is on the “bravo” plane, please do not arrive at the airport before 8:30 p.m., as the expected arrival of the bravo plane is approximately 9:30 pm.  Once the crowd has cleared from the alpha plane’s parade, there will be plenty of room for the families of the bravo tour veterans to get a great seat.  The parades take place on the main concourse (upper level). If you take the level 3 skywalk from the daily parking garage, you’ll be in the right spot!


  • As always, we ask that you bring small folding chairs, as no chairs are provided. Tables, coolers, alcohol and blankets to save space are not permitted. No alcohol is permitted in the parade seating areas. Signs, small hand-held flags, matching t-shirts or similar displays of support for our veterans are welcome and encouraged. Pets (except for service animals) are not permitted.


  • Please respect our SSHF volunteers, Ambassador Team, Safety Team, MKE Airport Personnel and Deputy Sheriffs. Security measures dictate that we abide by certain rules set forth by the airport. We are allowed the privilege to host these homecomings because of our cooperation with the airport and local law enforcement. Your cooperation is appreciated in following these directives and allowing us to continue to honor our local heroes in this way. Please, wear your mask without complaint if an airport federal mask mandate is in effect.


  • Please stay behind the rope lines and stanchions during the parade so that our veterans’ wheelchairs have room to move through the route.


  • We are guests of Mitchell Airport, and they have been incredible hosts. Please pick up after yourself as you leave, and show courtesy to your fellow attendees and airport personnel.


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