Thank a vet

Come to an Honor Flight Homecoming!

“This is one experience that I personally will never forget, patriotism in its purest form. People will often tell you of things that they have done that you should experience once in your lifetime like going to Las Vegas, helicopter rides or skydiving. My suggestion is to attend a Homecoming of our Veterans on the next Stars and Stripes Honor Flight.”
Michelle after attending our November 6, 2010 Homecoming at Mitchell Airport

The public is always welcome at a Stars and Stripes Homecoming!

Helpful Tips:

"Stars and Stripes Honor Flights are scheduled to return at 8:30pm. Please understand that this is an ETA. They are many variables out of our control and often the flights are late."

  • Arrive early. Homecoming crowds have been as large as 6,000 people. Parking can be a challenge.
  • Signs, banners and flags are welcome and encouraged.
  • Please stay in the Homecoming Parade route until all of our veterans have passed through. Even if you come to welcome a specific veteran, every veteran deserves the same welcome home crowd!
  • You can meet up with your loved one after the parade is finished in the Sail Boat Room (between the main airport terminal and the parking garage skyway)
  • The airport allows you to bring your own portable chairs (bag chairs preferred) to sit on while waiting for the veterans to arrive. Please do not move around the airport chairs.
Thank a vet at SSHF

Organize a Mail Call

Please put a hold on your letters until further notice. (Unless you are asked to write to a specific veteran.) As we transition our program to also serve Korean War veterans we are making some changes to our Mail Call procedures. Thank you for your patience.

One of the highlights of a Stars and Stripes Honor Flight is the surprise Mail Call we package for every veteran on the flight home.

While most mail is from the family and friends of the veteran, some mail is simply written to honor a veteran you may not know, but would like to thank for their service.

If you would like to organize a letter writing campaign for an upcoming flight, please contact us and put “Mail Call Request” in the subject line.